Friday, November 17, 2006

Gone in November

Like a flash, he left me in November, and it is exactly 1 year today when the tragic event occur. I must confess that, I still cannot believe he is gone forever, each time I remember him. His demise certainly makes death a challenge to me, for since the time he left me, the great beyond had not been something I dreaded anymore. No days, weeks or months had ever passed that I had not remembered him, feeling the pain every day, weeks, months and the date of 17 November, 2005 ringing in my ears. There are certain places in the house we shared together, that I dreaded going to or touch some things that we both share in the house. I solely build my life around him, and alas, he had left me.
The best way to keep his memory alive is to remember him and adore his life and times with me in an occasion like this, and I am proud that he is my son even though, death snatch him too soon for him to realise the type of life I had planned for him. I had wanted to compensate him for my separation with his mother, and to compensate him for my seeming neglects because of his stubborness by the time he grown up to know I was merely trying to correct his way of life. I had plans with his name as my next of kin, and with him to benefit an insurance policy, the policy I had since lost interest in paying the premium ever since he left me. Were him to be alive today my son, he will have few months to his 14 years, I missed him so much.
At a time, I felt since he had gone, perhaps emptiness is what is left for me in this world, but the rapid growth of his brother who was 3 months old when he left us keeps me alive. To commemorate his one year demise today, I had started a blog in his name. Please feel free to visit the blog on Hazards of life See link since his demise is an accident that could have been avoided.
Rest in Perfect Peace my son. I Missed you so much. Adieu.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've just read all the posts about it, I never knew about this in your life.

May his perfect soul rest in peace.

twinstaiye said...

Thanks Boso, I appreciates.