Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sir Alex Fergusson and Chewing gum habit

Each time I took great reluctancy to watch Manchester United Matches, (I am an Arsenal and Pompey fans) I noticed the rate at which the Scott man, Sir Alex chew gum, like Michael Jordan who also chew gum during games because he believed it help him concentrates. It was not long however when I ponder at the real reason why Sir Fergusson choose to chew gum. After careful research into internet I came to conlusion that, he probably resort to this habit because of the following reasons:
Chewing gum has been identified with improving memory according to various studies. Also, it is known that gum-chewers scored 25% higher than the control group on immediate word recall tests, and 36% higher on delayed word recall tests. Scientists point to three, non-mutually exclusive reasons, the simplest of which attributes the higher scores to the gum-chewers' increased heart rate (and, by extension, increased blood flow to the brain). [3] Despite this, chewing gum is banned in many schools. The chewing process expends approximately 12 calories per hour (14 watts) and chewing gum when travelling on an aircraft can counteract the irritation caused by changes in air pressure. [4] Gum containing the sugar alcohol xylitol can help counteract tooth decay. Minty chewing gum can help clear nasal passages.

On a lighter note however, I ponder seriously as to when actually did the Scott man started chewing gum and of course what type of gum is his favourite and how many number of gum has he murdered to date? Another research also into internet yield no results, but I stumble on a rumour that he is known to a brand of gum call 'Juicy Fruit' and that to-date, he has been estimated to have consumed over million numbers of gum since he started the habit. Can you believed that? It was also rumoured that,the underneath of some chairs in dressing room of Manchester United is not without sticked chewing gum pasted after some matches. Ever Ponder whether those are true?
Lastly, pause and ponder along with me when next you are watching Manchester United play, watch Sir Alex Fergusson while chewing his gum and if you are lucky to see him smile at the same time, tell me how the Scott man look like?

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Adam Nazir said...

I would forever think of the mouth and the jaws that are always chomping at the gum as a way to ensure Ferguson is able to keep cool and composed when the stress of life at top flight football get to yah! But nontheless, just his gum habit is a landmark for English football at this point, at least for me, and his departure is one of a legend. He will certainly be remembered for his epic managerial accolades but his chewing will always be a memory fond to many. And as I'm watching the tv, Stoke vs Tottenham, the commentators are saying united holds a philosophy that when they're one up, the go for two. Great philosophy and I'm sure SirAlexFerguson also has his own version of this ideology on gum :D