Thursday, November 2, 2006

Funny Ringtones and Catchy Adverts et al

Trust Nigerians, the ringtones craze is the in thing now. There abounds different types of ringtones manufacture to suit Naija settings. I have heard of the famous one - I dey ring o, there is also the phone is ringing, and of course This is a phone call for you.
Of all those ringtones, I love I dey ring o, the part I love best is 'I don cut o' Has anyone heard of all those ringtones? It is a pity I cant upload them here for readers. But, mail me if you need any of the ringtones.
However, talking about catchy adverts, while I hate MTN adverts though they are somehow very sweet, interesting and entertaining, I hate those adverts because what the MTN knows how to do best is advertising, so each time they come up with those sleaky adverts, I ended up watching it once and each time i come across them again, I change my channels. But of particular advert I love to watch nowadays is that of Skye Bank. Check the lyrics:
I wish I had a friend
helping me grow in everyway
Saying Yes to my needs
I wish that I knew it feels
like to be free
Oh, to smile everyday of my life
and I wish I can go far in life without stress
Skye Bank always there
saying yes to your needs.

Now isnt that interesting?, not to talk of the tunes which nimbly and swiftly drums nice sounds into your gentle senses.
Ever pause to ponder what I enjoy about that advert of Skye Bank, try and catch the advert when next it is being air on TV.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i dont know where to email you at so i'll just ask for it here. I would love the 'i dey ring' ringtone. I've been looking for it everywhere! you can email me at! okay thank you!

Anonymous said...

like lola i do not know where to email you. But can you send me "I dey ring o" and "Bros dem dey call you"

ken said...

could you please send the i dey ring oo tone to my email addy too. thanks.

Anonymous said...

could you also pls send the ringtone to me...thanxx a lot.

Ekene said...

hello my bros,can you send me the downloading link for the song(sayin yes). Dis is my email, Thanks

Anonymous said...

Can you send me those ringtones please ;

PJS said...
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