Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MTN sponsorship of Who Wants to be a Millionnaire

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is a general knowledge television quiz programme that started in the United Kingdom in 1998 and has now been exported to over 100 countries including the USA, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Saudi Arabia; making it the most popular television programme in the world. Nigeria is the 104th territory. I want to believe that something is wrong with the MTN sponsorship of that programme. For God's sake how can they limited the participation in that programme to MTN subscribers only? That to me is a fraud, a fraud of telling Nigerians that MTN has the highest number of subscribers, a subscribers who merely bought MTN line just for the purpose of pariticipating in the programme and probably discard it the moment the goals of purchasing it is achieved.
Besides this, I dont see the reason why the organiser of the programme should deviate from its principle of making the participation available to all Nigerians afterall the programme is for all Nigerians. MTN on the other hand is becoming notorious of sponsoring programmes for their selfish interest other than the love of Nigerians at heart. Are we now saying that should for instance Nokia or sony ericsson decided to sponsor the programme, it should be for only Nokia or Sony Ericssson users. The organiser should not have compromised that aspect of the sponsorship, it left so many colour off the programme.
By the way, have you paused to ponder too that those who are being call on the lifeline of friends and family are always MTN subscribers? I guess participants are warned before hand to supply only friends or families with MTN line only. Na wah o!