Monday, June 9, 2008

Who Owns a woman's Breast? Child or Hubby?

I know this has always comes up among the women folks and men alike as to who actually owns (mark my words) 'owns' not "entitled" a woman breast between the hubby and a child. Nigerian Daily Sun Newspaper spoke across the women folks and you wont believe the responses. Here are the responses:

Below are our findings.:-MRS EMILIA AYENI
You cannot claim ownership of a land you did not buy. With that in mind the ownership of the mammary gland is not in question, but with special arrangement, the landlord can allow the tenant temporary use of his facility for a period of time, after which the original owner can take back his property.

There is always a sharing formula which will satisfy all interested parties. It boils down to arrangement timing and due consideration.

The breast to an extent belongs to the husband because once the dowry has been paid, the woman automatically belongs to the man. Since the breast is the organ on a woman’s chest which produces milk after pregnancy, it also can be said that it belongs to the child because after delivery, the child tends to feed from it, thereby marking the man the caretaker of the breast, for it (baby) takes charge of the breast for a period of time before handing it over to the man, who also takes charge for sometime, then handing it back to the baby (another offspring )
Due to the rotation of the woman’s breast from the husband to the baby, it is perceived that it (the breast) belongs to both, except for the fact that the baby, at a certain age stops feeding from the breast and the woman also stops giving birth, which then leaves her breast at the mercy of the husband as the rightful owner.

God, in his wisdom and mightiness created woman out of man. Every part of her body, including the offspring from her are part of the components that make the man, the head in the home.

The child of the woman, at the time of birth, can exclusively be the “owner” of the mother’s breast as the breasts remain the source of food, for growth and strength.

However, the man of the house, who owns the woman could play with any part of his wife’s body including the breast, as it will not hurt her but for pleasure !sake! there is a time in life when the child and the husband would no longer acknowledge the pleasure of this thing called “breast” but it would be regarded as part of Gods creation in a woman to edify her.

It is very clear that the husband owns the breast. The husband is in charge of the woman’s breast right from the inception of their relationship to the marriage level. Any time the husband wants to make love he must start with the breast to arouse the woman before sex takes place. Apart from the fact that husband sucks the breast before, during and after making love, he had paid dowry or bride price for the woman, the child only sucks the breast at a particular period of time between 0-2years but for the husband no limitation till old age. Therefore, the husband is the rightful owner of the breast since he is the beginner and the finisher.

I believe the breast is owned by the husband and the child respectively. The husband owns the breast during sexual activity by the couple. The breast which is part and one of the most arousing sexual organ of the female is enjoyed by the husband during sexual intercourse thereby making the breast the sole property of the husband at that point in time.

Also, the breast is owned by the child, when the woman puts to bed and starts breast feeding, because it is the child’s way of survival as a bady. Both husband and child needs the breast to survive, thereby the breast belongs to the child and also belong to the husband who is the over-all owner of the breast because he is the husband to the woman and the dowry payer, and also the father to the child.

The breast is located around the chest and they are in different sizes. It main purpose is to produce milk for the babies from day one to at least when the baby is one year old. Also, the breast serves emotional need to the husband as he can suck, fiddles and play with the breast during love making. As a matter of fact, it serve as a tool to lure or excite the woman for sex.

Whatever may happen one will not fail to conclude that the baby owns the breast because a necessary need is more important than emotional need. The growth and survival of the baby depends on how well it is breast feeded.

It is absurd for anyone to think or say that the breast of the woman belongs to the husband. This assumption is extraneous to say the least. The woman is of course created by God, the grand designer. It is opponent that the breast is the basic symbol of the female personality. Aid specifically the breast is so designed by God for the woman to suckle the infant until it is old enough to take solid food. For instance the baby friendly hospital initiative encourage mothers to breast feed their babies exclusively on breast milk for at lest 6 months to 2years.

The breast as we all know also called “boobs” is one of the parts of the human body found on the chest both on the left and right side respectively. Scientifically, it contains the mammary gland that secretes the milk used to feed infants. If breast were only for feeding, why would woman want to show off their voluptuous cleavages? Why would they want to flaunt it? Why would low-cut dresses and tops be produced? now the question arises, who owns the breast, the husband or the child? Some hold the options that it belongs to both the man and the child and that is a fair statement but truly, the husband has full ownership of the breast and does the child the favour of having a taste of it for a while.

It is through breast feeding that the child ends to build a strong relationship and love for his mother but that does not mean he owns the breast. Breast feeding is for a while but for the man cuddles it for a long time. So, who really owns the breast? Definitely, it is the man when a man marries a woman, he owns her full body and even the bible say so that the wife dose not have anything over her own body.

The husband is the owner of the breast and the breast are part of the body that make a man happy and live a long life. A child just need the mothers breast just for growth and development, after 5 to 10 years old the mother breast even irritate the child because the breast is not permanently for the child but permanently for the husband, even the Bible confirm it, that every part of the woman body belongs to the man until death do the both of them part. The husband can only allow the little child to use the breast milk for growth after that the owner takes over it property.

The husband owns the breast because according to the scriptures, he is the head and lord of the woman. Therefore, he is lords over everything about her, including her body which of course include the breast. Every man in the arms of a woman, feels like a baby and begins to posses a tender nature. Because every man likes petting and their basic requirements is food, love, and sex. Nothing else can be more interesting about these three if the breast is being secluded. A man is to love his wife and wife in return is to be totally submissive to him. One vital part of woman’s body that she can use to attack the man is the breast. That is why it is referred to as “ATTACK”

The man is always the owner of the breast, because after marriage, it is cleared that the man has been given the right of ownership to every aspect of the woman. Therefore the man decide from that point whether the ownership can be transferred to the child by completely abandoning the breast for the child due to wear and tear
In it entirety the breast belong to the man, because the man is the one who gives the woman the child and even pressure the woman to make sure that the child is fed on breast milk.

There is just one answer to the question, although it is individualistic but I take my answer and stand from the bible. The husband owns the breast and every other parts of the wife’s body. Without begging the question. The breast is a part of the body and your husband own your entire body. Woman needs to understand that once your are married to a man, you are under obligation as a matter of commandment from God to be submissive to your husband in all including your body. There is no argument and that is just the truth. I must not fail to mention also that the breast or body of a woman is not owned by boyfriend, fiancĂ© or any other man but your legally wedded husband!

The husband is the owner of the breast, because the husband is the one that will play and touch the breast, even if is the child that will suck the breast but it is for a period of time. And when the child grows up he/she doesn’t have access to the breast again unlike the husband that have access where ever and when ever he wants it.
According to the bible, it stated that the woman should be submissive to her husband, that include everything in the woman’s body even her breast, so the bible didn’t say the woman should be submissive to the child, it is just for the child to suck for a period of time, thereafter, it belong to the husband.

Men are perpetual suckers, at infant age, they own their mothers breast for only a short period of time. The faithful once looks forward to their wife’s own, while the unfaithful go around grabing any one within their reach. 
Back to the question, the husband legally owns his wife’s breast because he is both the husband and the first baby of the house.

On the arrival of the children, he shares the breast with them in rotation. The breast goes round and rotate back to the husband who manages it till God knows when. But legal or no legal the cause of the breast determines who owns it, after all, when there was no husband nor child, the breast was owned by the carrier.

Hmmmm, A friend of mine have this to say on the subject, hear him - "I guess men actually own the breast of their woman. How many child would own a woman breast if we go by the argument of a child being the owner, does it mean if a woman breast fed 4 child, all the child owns the boobs? Besides, how many breast does a child wants to own, when he/she grows up, he own the boobs of his wife, or if a woman, own her own boob? I beg, my wife breasts is mine anyday".
Ever ponder what length women and men can go on this subject?


Akin said...


I am sorry, I beg to disagree, the woman owns her breasts and she is within her rights to decide if she wants them fondled or suckled and by whom.

It is nonsense to think they belong to anyone else and I hope the woman has a ready hand to slap whoever thinks those boobs are theirs.


twinstaiye said...

Akin, I couldnt agreed less with you. But of particular reason this blog feature the topic was when the Daily Sun Newspaper carried the study among the women folks.

AlooFar said...


I think the best thing is for the contending parties, hubby and child, to choose their favourite breast. And then place a sticker on it with words... "For Daddy only", For me (baby's name) only... Tresspassers will be prosecuted. lol

But of course, hubby should be nice enough to give the child a higher scoop of the booty. After all, he's been in charge before the baby came to life. As soon as the baby grows up, beyond breast sucking, the dad can continue his fondling career...

On the other hand... Isn't life all about the battle of the fittest?

Hi ;)

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