Friday, June 27, 2008

Still on my Dubai Trip

What I forgot to mentioned in my last post was my experience with Dubai Immigrations. I traveled to UAE in company of three other staff, One of us had scaled through the Immigrations, but when it came to my turn, I was asked to go for an eye scan. Being a novice who had not travel before, I did not know what it means. By the time I finished with the eye scanning, my other colleagues not knowing where I was left the airport without me. As if that was not enough, I was later asked to go to another room where I was scanned from head to toes. I have heard of that before, but could not protest, except laugh at the Officer conducting the scanning. I was so sure I had not swallowed anything, so why should I feel jittery over his act of shame. When he had done with the scanning, he search me physically again, and I had to let him know that "All Nigerians are not the same" He apologised nervously and even assist me in retrieving my luggage.
Ever ponder why what type of troubles that green booklet could land you? I mean the Nigerian passport!!!


AlooFar said...

It's funny what Nigerians go through when traveling.


ababoypart2 said...

Paying the price of the ills of other Nigerians...Na wah!

Anonymous said...

i'll tell you why they do that. because 80% of the nigerians living in dubai are either guy men or yahoo yahoo and dubai jails is full of nigerian men and women. however that leaves 20% who are honest and hardworking and therefore gives them no right to think EVERY nigerian they come across is guy man or yahooze. i've lived here for 3 years and i have never put up with it. don't ever put up with their nonsense. by the time you start yarning and accusing them of racism and classism, they become ashamed and apologetic.

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