Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Time

When my employer finally approved my journey for an overseas training, I knew quite well it is going to be an emergence of so many FIRST in my life. I had pondered several times as to when exactly I will travel outside Nigeria for the first time in my life. So when I finally embark on an official trip to Dubai in United Arab Emirates for a week training, it was indeed the first time ever in my life to travel outside Nigeria, first time ever to board an aircraft, and of course first time ever I was paid and spent dollars.
The journey itself is strenuous, may be because it is my first time, but, all in all it was worth an experience. At least, i broaden my horizon. I also have the first hand experience of the behaviour of Nigerians outside Nigerian shore. There was an urgent need for me to trace an earlier hotel I had checked in before because I was paired with a Nigerian I had never met before all my life. So when I secured another hotel, I need to park my belongings to the new hotel, and all efforts to trace the hotel prove abortive. Whilst asking around, directions given to me is not sufficient enough to lead me to the hotel. I then met a Nigerian lady who seems not to bother about my plight because she is in a hurry. I guess it was her first time in Dubai too, because she seems to have bought something and forgot it there, not knowing that in Dubai, unlike Nigeria, you can even met your goods you forgot at any shop 3 months after. Anyway, she can be of help, and I continue the agony of locating my new hotel. Meanwhile, as I continue to meandered through the seeming identical roads and building, am using various signs to notice my way around in case i need to get back to my new hotel.
At long last, I met another Nigerians, one male and female, speaking Yoruba while on the mobile phone, I knew I have found my saviour since they can speak my language. I quickly spoke to them in Yoruba, and before you say Jack Robinson, they ignore me. Sensing that they might thought I was trying to ask for financial assistance, I quickly hold the business card of the hotel in front of them that, I am trying to trace this hotel, with the same unconcerned approach, one of them just point a direction to me without proper explanation.
With some little efforts and after wasting a lot of my time, I finally got the hotel, pack my belongings and left for the new hotel. As I was about to step into the new hotel, guess whom I saw? The two Yoruba Nigerians who couldn't offer assistance. I just accuse them in Yoruba and left them there. But can you blame them? Myself too cannot stay in the same hotel room with another Nigerians I had never met in my life.
As for those who had been in this for long, is this the mentality of Nigerians whilst abroad? I continue to ponder!!!

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