Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Brother Africa II - Where Immoral triumphs over Moral

The Big Brother Africa II reality show ended yesterday, and as was expected and unexpected, the Tanzania candidate, Richard won by a slight margin. He beat the Nigerian contestant Ofunneka to the 100,000 dollars prize.
The outcome of the results clearly shows that Immorality triumphs over Morality. Richard it was, that is very popular with the reality show for his glaring immoral and uncare attitude while the shows lasted. His love escapdes with the Angolan contestant Tatiana is well known to the followership of the reality show. One would have thought that, following the patterns of voting from the beginning of the show, where those who throw immoral to the wind ended up being evicted, Ofunneka who is more decent and represent a true African Women with her disposition, character and conduct, should have won the prize, but, it was Richard, who epitomises all the names calling that has the face of immorality that won the prize.
My candid opinion however is that, it wasn't Richard character or his popularity that earn him the prize, but his supporters did the outside job for him. This is possible because of the voting patterns adopted by the Big Brother. All participating country represent one vote each, while the rest of Africa represent one vote. In all, there is a total number of 13 votes, since there are 12 countries participating. A look at the voting pattern of the grand finale clearly shows that the southern African countries voted in favour of Richard, and I hasten to add that, it wasnt because of his popularity, but because of the background work of Richard's supporters. His supporters resides in countries in the Southern Africa i.e Tanzania, it is easier for them to garner supports for him by travelling to the participaing southern african countries, buy phone credit, and vote massively for Richard in each of the countries.
As far as I am concerned, if the rest of Africa were unbundled, to represent various number of votes, Ofunneka would have beaten him to it. To buttress my point, if Richard indeed won because he "entertained" us with his immoral performances as his supporters would want us to believed, how come his co-adjutor in the immoral acts i.e Tatiana ended up with only one vote from her own country, Angola. The fact that Ofunneka captured the "rest of Africa" vote means that, she won the heart of African people who truly appreciates moral values.
From the outcome of the grand finale, it clearly shows that there is no any single lesson from this Big Brother Africa, It means it promotes immoral values, encourages and rubber stamped adultery as seen with the way Richard who suppose to exhibit great caution being a married man, throw caution to the wind and had sex during his sojourn in the house. The only losers amongst them is the Angola contestants, who was seemingly used by Richard and ended up with only one vote and of course may lose Richard to his wife, and probably lose (Gustavo) her boyfriend too. To those who believed the lady in this picture is Ricki, Richard's wife, she is not, she is Linda, Richard's sister.
There is also Richard wife's antecedents while the show lasted. At a time she open a blog in the name of her husband where she updates Richard fans. But as soon as Richard started having immoral acts with one of the housemates, she withdrew from the blog, but later issue a statement towards the end telling whoever care to listen that she intend to open up as at when due to the media. Now that Richard is a rich man, and Tatiana has confirmed to the whole world that she and Richard will hook up and continue if their both lovers abandoned them, the BBA II continues. This blog will keep you posted.
I hasten to add however, that this blogger and his entire household do solemnly declare henceforth not to watch or participate in the programme again.
Those who were greatly dissappointed with the outcome of the grand finale are beginning to wonder whether Ofunneka would go ahead and sue the organiser of the reality show for the ugly incident that involved her and the eventual winner Richard during the show. Ofunneka sure did her best, and it should rest on the conscience of those who know what true moral values are to mourn her loss of the prize money. Truth is, she did earn a much more coveted prize than the 100,000 dollars - a true African Woman whose moral values will be well respected and cherished by all African, as seen with the way the rest of Africa voted for her.


Anonymous said...

My exact sentiments I was so disappointed that Africa voted in a cheat, an adultere, a mr no respect for women, a rapist, an idiot for the money but well better a good name than the money. Ofunneka u did us proud, Nigeria is proud to be associated with u, am sure a lot of contracts and deals are waiting for you because decency, hard work and respect for the individual always pay, keep ur head, luv u

kshorty1 said...

Ofunneka did not do us proud. She messed up by doing what she did with Richard. I have seen the video and my conclusion is that although she was drunk...

It's tough to say. Is it rape if you are drunk? She was unconscious so it's difficult to say if she consented

Jury's still out

twinstaiye said...

I have also watch the video, I dont know whether to call it rape or even call it sexual harrassment. But I candidly know that Richard really abused her and also take a great advantage of her drunkenness as well as her not having a man's attention for over 80 days while witnessing a lots of hobnobbing between both sexes.
The truth is Ofunneka seemings response to Richard sexual abuse is very natural because she wasnt in control of herself. This can even be seen to be true when you realise that Richard was saying something, laughing and making jest of her while in the act which if she was conscious, shame will surely caught up with her. Besides, when para-medics came in, Ofunneka was still not in control of herself. Let us be frank she was under the influence of alcohol and a sexually charged person can only but respond to his sexual abuse under alcohol influence, that to me does not mean consent.
Richard sexually abuse her plain and simple, but if we dont want to use the phrase 'sexual abuse' then he glaringly took great advantage of her, and that too, is far from being fair! No wonder, to me, he doesnt deserve to win.

nubianem said...

There are habits that we must reject, as Pan-African people. These habits are foreign in origin. For example, since when did we begin to call ourselves 'Arabs' as is case in Sudan, WHEN OUR MOTHERS ARE AFRICAN AND AFRICAN TRADITION SAYS THAT THE INVADER, OCCUPIER AND SETTLER'S RACE OR NAME DOES NOT REPLACE THE PARENT'S RACE WHO IS INDIGENOUS.

Since when do we treat our people like the barbarians of the Eurasian wilderness, when we know very well that our history (INCLUDING PEOPLE LIKE THE ZULU AND XHOSA) is connected to the Mandinga-Cush and Nile-Saharan civilizations where men and women KNOW THEIR ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AND LIVE BY THEM.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I want to share this article written by the distinguished and well-respected Nigerian journalist and columnist for the Nigerian national newspaper, the Independent Newspapers (, Mr. Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye. It is titled: “Big Brother Africa: Debasing Self For A Fee”. It has appeared in several newspapers and in internet sites in Africa and America, and also on his blog:


By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Recently, Big Brother Africa (BBA2) Reality Show ended in South Africa amidst much din, slimy scandals and lingering controversies, and the only coherent statement it was able to make was that in this our very unfortunate and bankrupt age, money has acquired an even greater and awesome powers, and its capacity to compel otherwise rational human beings to gleefully part ways with every bit of their honour and dignity, be disdainful all considerations for decency and self-esteem, and enthusiastically indulge in several nauseating, self-debasing acts, has exceeded what anyone had thought was possible in decent society.

I am not a fan of the Big Brother nonsense, and all such shows, like beauty pageants, where people are paid and cheered on to throw their honour and dignity as human beings to the dogs, to satisfy the depraved taste of irredeemable voyeurs. In fact, if there were no generous reports about these events in the media, which one occasionally glanced through, I may never have known that anything like BBA2 ever took place. But I am a grateful that I read some of those reports, because, it would never have occurred to me that some murky-hearted fellows, with excess cash to spend, could go all out to turn their fellow human beings into a little less than animals, confined in some glorified human zoo, where the most depraved among them could go as wild and immoral as he or she could, to dishonour and make a very big fool of himself or herself, before millions of TV viewers in Africa and beyond, in order to earn $100, 000.

While this lure of lucre endures, do these fellows ever stop to think that the footage of their disgraceful outing in South Africa would survive tomorrow, and that they would have children and grandchildren whose sensibilities would be perpetually assaulted by the awful pornographic footages they were gleefully producing in their blind rush for $100,000?

According to reports, the Housemates took their bathe together during what they called “Shower Hour,” and while the boys stripped to their boxers, the girls bared everything, not just before the boys whom they had never met until they were selected and confined in the Big Brother zoo, but, also, millions of viewers out there, which may have included kids from their households and neighborhoods! (Forget the age-restriction crap). Imagine the kid brothers and sisters or tender nephews and nieces of the Housemates seeing their big aunties they once held in high esteem flaunting their stark nudity on the screen with every brazenness and shamelessness. What in the name of all that is decent and noble can we possibly call this?

Well, some of the girls, however, occasionally bathed with their underpants on, and only bared their chests, but that, no doubt, did not diminish the grave obscenity the whole thing still constituted.

Now how would these clearly bird-brained fortune hunters rejoin and face the same society before whom they had shamelessly and grossly cheapened themselves, by flaunting the pride of their womanhood before every willing eye? Should even $1billion dollars be enough to compel anyone to do this?

Indeed, Feminists and Women Rights activists would never protest this clear debasement of the woman, because this is not the kind of advocacy that attracts grants. This should not be surprising to anyone because it is still from the same cabal that prosecutes these obscene shows that the major bulk of sponsorships flow.

Although virtually everything about BBA was horrible, revolting and scandalous, a consensus exists that the most horrible scandal it yielded, now popularly known as “fingergate,” reportedly, took place on Saturday, 27 October 2007. I first read about it on Nigerians In America, in an article by Ms. Bolanle Aduwo, a screenwriter, broadcaster and producer.

Please permit me to quote her account of the obscene incident:

“…Biggie had provided plenty of booze (undiluted, Russian vodka) and what resulted was an incident that will definitely go down as one of the most scandalous moments in Big Brother history. The housemates became crazed, drunken zombies and engaged in acts better suited for a porno movie. The evening eventually ended in what many call a possible rape! Or how do you explain the actions of Richard, the 24-year-old Tanzanian film student and the only male occupant of the House fondling and ‘fingering’ a comatose, blind-drunk Ofunneka, a 29-year-old Medical Assistant from Nigeria?…The whole of Africa saw this girl’s “privates”… What happened… horrified viewers as Richard lying between the two comatose women, undressed them and began to fondle, kiss and ‘finger’ both of them!”

This incident had provoked serious outrage across Africa. A Women Rights group in South Africa had called for the footage of the incident, only to announce later, after viewing it, that it agreed with MNET, that what happened between Richard and Ofunneka was consensual. Nigeria’s House of Representatives, groping for some form of self-redeeming tasks, after Ettehgate, had also waded into the matter, something I had thought was an entirely private misadventure between the girl and the South African prurient millionaires.

But why does it seem Africa has suddenly awakened from its moral slumber just because fingergate happened? Well, if you ask me, the matter is very simple: Even if there were no “fingergate,” all the people who participated in BBA2 had irremediably soiled their honour and dignity? What sort of girls would gleefully strip themselves nude, to bathe, not only in the full gaze boys, but also before more than one million TV viewers across Africa? (If the boys wore their shorts and the girls chose to bare everything, what kind of statement were they making about their gender?) Just the other day, while gathering materials for this piece, I stumbled on a blog where a photograph of Ofunneka was posted holding her towel apart and proudly baring her not particularly appealing chest for all to see! So, even without “fingergate,” was that not self-demeaning enough?

On Monday, I visited a website,, where all sorts of hate posts were heaped on the doorsteps of “Richard the rapist,” who “stole the crown.” All sorts of stories were dredged up to rubbish the Tanzanian, as if he did not rubbish himself enough while in the BBA zoo. But while countless sympathizers were out there condemning MNET for the indecent show and calling for Richard’s head for “sexually abusing” Ofunneka, the “innocent, well-behaved, but stone-drunk symbol of decent African woman,” the girl was at the other place addressing a press conference, apologizing for what happened and dismissing reports that she was raped. Saturday PUNCH of November 24, 2007, quotes her as saying: “I will say that I let down my guards a little, but then I am human.”

I am seriously touched by this girl’s predicament. It is painful to imagine that she might carry the shame of her disastrous BBA appearance all her life. It must be clear to her now that whoever counseled her into the BBA folly has done her a grave harm. The most noble job she must engage herself in now would be to always dissuade any other person she encounters to avoid BBA like a plague despite the money.

In this internet age, it should not surprise her that countless blogs would spring up tomorrow, attracting serious traffic to themselves with footages of “fingergate” and some of her nude pictures from Shower Hour at the Big Brother zoo. A costly mistake has already been made by going to the BBA house, and a costly price must be paid.

But, if by her own painful predicament, other young Africans are able to learn that it is practically impossible to safeguard one’s honour and dignity in such a morally bankrupt enclave like BBA house, created solely to promote obscenity and depravity, to service the vulgar tastes of prurient men and women, she should consider the sacrifice worthwhile. Who is even sure that “fingergate” was not scripted and directed by MNET, to diminish her rising profile in the media as the symbol of true African woman, which would have created serious problems for MNET when eventually Richard was declared “winner”?

By Richard “victory”, what statement has MNET succeeded in making? That it was alright for a man who was married to suddenly “fall in love” with another woman he had just met on a reality TV show; engage in open and revolting adulterous acts with this new lover or concubine on satellite TV, knowing full well that his wife was at home watching; and then while in the same bed with his new lover, he engages in wild sexual acts with yet another woman, on the same bed! And after it all, according to a report in Namibian of October 29, 2007, he excitedly pronounces: “I have seen the rivers and mountains of Big Brother…I’m going to bump all the women in BBA house.” What a vulgar celebration of hideous conquests!

With all the nauseating exploits of Richard’s, which earned him the prize, what MNET is saying is that for anyone to win the next BBA (assuming this won’t be the last), he must simply become an animal like Richard, because it is only animals that win its price; yes, such a person must regard and treat women as mere playthings.

Now the point has also been regularly made, namely, why watch BBA if you know it would offend your mind? Indeed, amateur porn channels and websites like BBA abound, but they do not attract generous positive reviews from “serious” newspapers like BBA does. MNET can afford to inflict its violent obscenity only on interested viewers if it could check its invasion of our newspaper pages the way it does.

Nor should the government show more than a passing interest in shows like BBA, as the Nigerian House Assembly or the Federal Government did recently. Now, I have no problems with the Information Minister, Mr. John Odey, offering a job to Miss Ofunneka Molokwu, as he reportedly did the other day, if that would console her, but he has no right to declare that by appearing on that reprehensible show, she has “represented us well” and has, today, become “the Heart of Africa.”

No doubt, it must be clear to the minister that he was speaking himself, and I insist that he makes this clear immediately. In fact, President Umar Musa Yar’Adua must call him to order before he uses the stain of BBA to further rubbish his ailing regime. On no account must the Federal Government appear to endorse such a horribly obscene show that has offended many decent people in Africa and has even been banned by some African governments.

Mr. Odey, since he had excess time to squander, should have merely consoled the girl, assuaged her pain over the BBA misadventure, but more importantly, used that opportunity to urge other Nigerians youths to shun such shows no matter the huge prize money they dangle, if they do not wish to encounter such tragedies like “fingergate.” And I think I am right.

Edward Lathrop said...

he was voted winner and that was it. myself was not satisfied with the decision but nothing can be done any more. he is already been declared as the winner.
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dammy said...

watch out for the next big bother Africa!

Emy said...

Seriously, things haave improved a bit, though I think the sex is still there a little. Anyways, I feel the show doesnt make that much sense so I hardly watch it

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