Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Pretenders (1)

Apart from corruption which has eaten deep into conscience of Naijas, Pretending is another vices well noticed by this blogger but hardly noticed by most Nigerians.
From the top, I can count the number of pretenders on the part of our leaders who pretended not to want the coveted seat of leadership as President, whereas they are scheming underground to realise their ambitions. The irony however, is that it is always those who pretends not to crave for it that ended up getting the job. Of recent example, while the Odilis and co. were busy touring the country lobbying for the mission to succeed the OBJ, the present President hardly consults wide enough, and he ended up getting the job. Same story with the past President.
Now to the issue of nudity, sex and pornography, Naija people are known for their pretences that such should be discouraged. They achieved this pretences by making it loud and clear that no obscenity should appear on our local TV stations. That probably give room for inquisitiveness, as a lot of people are known to imbibe the habit of watching the pornography movies. A visit to those selling pirated CDs and DVDs will butress this point. A recent interactions with a vendor of this pirated CDs and DVDs revealed that the pornography CDs and DVDs sell like hot cakes. Now what would have happen to their market if such obscenity is permitted on local TVs?.
In the last Big Brother Africa, if Mnet were to release the figure of Nigeria women that seek to participate in the event, I am sure the figure will be alarming, despite the fact that they known there is going to be shower hour on the reality show which will make them revealed their nakedness. One would also be amazed to known the number of parents who does not care whether their daughter participated in such an event.
Having said this however, this blogger continue to ponder why we pretends that all is well, while in actual fact, we all know it is a mere pretences. As long corruption can never be nip in the bud, pornography too can never be nip in the bud. Government probably know they cant control the racketeering surrounding pornography, no wonder the only fight they can muster is to pretend to us all that Nigerian prefer not to publicise owning to love watching pornography.
Visit any of Nigerian forum and you will be amazed with the rate at which Nigerian pretends in their views and opinions. When an issue that is very common in our daily life crop up for discussion, Nigerians are quick to condemn such acts while in actual facts, that is exact replica of what is happening in their lives. I guess Pretending is entrenched on our psyche right here in Africa.
Look, I gotta go, I must however confess that, if anyone read this piece and hiss or believed it is another figment of my imagination as regard the points raised, I guess the bug of pretending also reign supreme in your life. How sad!!!

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