Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Segun Odegbami, His Daughter and Figure 7

During his playing days in the 80s, everyone knows Engr. Segun Odegbami is always sporting Jersey Number 7, he is so popular with the number that every aspiring soccer star in those days prefer to sporting shirt No. 7 just like Pele make popular the shirt number 10.
Since then, Odegbami has been synonymous with figure 7, so much that he ended up giving birth to a daughter on 7th May. The daughter popularly called May 7ven is a born singer. She also chose the figure 7 to be her stage name. May7ven, grew up in both Nigeria and England and her music is currently on German top chart.
Her talents has been invited to work with and support a number of artists and producers around the world namely Blue Cantrell, Dark Man X, ATL, Wu Tang Clan, Jamelia, Steve Brookstien, KRS1, Phoebe 1, Mary J Blige, Wayne Marshall, Ebony, Tiwa, Adina Howard, Horace Brown, Rick Clark, Joe Thomas, Sean Paul, Angie Stone, So Mean production, Ryde, Incicive, Rockwell, Colin Emmanuel and many more.
Chief Segun Odegbami has not done yet with figure seven, his outfit is also coined out of the figure seven. 7mathematical is the name of his website where he is promoting sports and also other sports related materials.
Her daughter too not done with the figure seven, stormed Nigeria in 2007 to exhibit her music to all family and friends and Nigerians as a whole. May 7ven is happily married and her record is due for release next July.


Omodudu said...

good work

Anonymous said...

wow!didnt even know segun odegbami had a daughter that old...i know he has a daughter by Funmi Iyanda tho..d girl is mos def doing well for her self

Anonymous said...

May7 is a mother of three or more kids and was married some time ago. I don't know if she is still married but she has a very lovely figure and is as trim as her mathematical 7 dad, Odegbami. The good looks runs in their genes.

Anonymous said...

May7 is nothng but a prostitute!

Lovely figure my backside!!!!

She may be trim but then again she needs to be as the whole thing is on sale! for sale!

An all-in-one wearing prostitute!!!!! who does nothing better than writhe around in her videos as she prospects for customers via her videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be they white or black - especially white men!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleeps around in London and Lagos and is well kown for hiding her husband away from prospective sleeping partners.

My advice, is if you are a woman with a man - be he handsome or ugly - so long as he is thought to be easy pickings - kaboom --- in she wades!!!!!!

Hide your men from this thief!

Anonymous said...

To the comment above, get a life and stop spreading malicious gossip about someone you don't even know. Tut Tut... don't you know that you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

look look guys we all have our past and weaknesses. we should learn to celebrate our strenghts rather than weaknesses at the end of the day who does not have one. you go girl, fight your demons and come out stronger and better. Tonia Okojie

Nigerian Newspapers said...

A real shame on the anonymous commenter who said that Ma7 is a prostitute. It appears that there are still some really immature and dangerously ignorant people in our world today. This is just the sort of ignorant thinking that makes the world such an unsafe place.

konye Nsor said...

May7 we all have skeletons inour cupboards. dont allow the prostitute tag weigh u down. move on sister. be proud of who u r. respect