Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More Mourning for Mourinho

Yeah, that is the suited title for Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho whose third attempts for Champions league final as Chelsea Manager crumbled right before his eyes by a stunning defeat by Liverpool the second in his career as Chelsea coach. I have no sympathy for Mourinho, who must have employ all the experience he has as a Coach to outwit his fellow Coach Rafael Benitez, but wasnt successful. Benitez, a master tactician could achieve such feat of allowing Mourinho team to score just a single goal in 360 minutes of regulation time they have met in the past 2 champions league they both guarged their teams. During Yesterday match, Benitez handed Mourinho another tactical lesson by preventing Chelsea start studded side from scoring a single goal in 120 minutes. That is not a mere feat.
Mourinho can now know how it feels to lose two important competition within the spate of 5 days. His launch into the challenge for Premiership titles is now a tall order while that of Champion league is dashed. Mourinho is now left with final of FA cup against Manchester United, a trophy he is eager to lift for the first time for the Blues as a Coach.
Has anyone pause and ponder whether Mourinho can now also moan like Arsenal who also loss all challenge to 3 titles within a spate of 11 days. It is indeed more mourning for Morinho and the mourning could continue if he eventually lost in FA cup against Machester United.

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Boso said...

That's what you get when you talk rubbish all the time. Deluded man.