Monday, April 30, 2007

When someone saw you in the dream

Have anyone pause to ponder about those that will just call you and tell you, they dreamt about you and you should continue to pray. Those were the scenarios that happened to me last week, ever since then, I had not pause to ponder what exactly the person dreamt about me, even though I refuse to ask for the details neither did she told me the details.
well, since I am the type that believed so much in God, I quickly pointed to her that my believed in God is unshaken, and that He will see me through. The mere mention that it has to do with my job send a shiver down my spine, afterall, everyone knows nowadays how hard to get a job.
So, fellow bloggers reading this, should also help me pray to God, to save my job, I dont want to be out of job, at least not now. One thing I noticed about dreams of such nature I was the one that dreamt it is that, it is always the opposite. So my prayer is that, the negative thing she said she dreamt about be opposite, that is a good thing to come. Did I hear someone said Amen?

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