Monday, April 23, 2007

My Vote Counts

I voted for Umar Yar'Adua in the last Presidential election, and from the result released so far, just like I anticipates, indicates that my vote actually counts.

The truth is, a lot of people stayed away from this election, and I felt have they participated, it could have make a difference. At the polling station, those that we queue together with, have different story to tell about the way they will vote. While some of them believed that PDP had failed us as a party, they insist they will vote for PDP so that their vote counts at the end of the day since it is evident from the last Governorship election, that PDP will surely win going by the pattern of voting.
There are some who still vote in their preferred candidates, but still insinuates that, they know very well that, their candidate will not win. To me, those constitutes the real electorates. Contesting in an election is not all about winning, it is sometimes a test ground to see how far one can go in an election. Had it been everyone came out and cast their vote according to their conscience, it will be a yardstick for the candidates to determine their next step in the next election.
Ever ponder what goes on in the minds of electorates when casting votes, well, in my own case, I voted for PDP and my mind kept pondering whether this time around, Yar'Adua will get it right.

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