Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nigerian elite society attitude to election

I was reading the above caption in the Web Poll of Nigerian Guardian, and I was impressed with the opinion of Paul Mosi, so much that I decided to reproduced it below.

We should stop decieving ourselves, 80% of Nigerian electorate belong to the non-self willed who will collect as low as N500 and vote for who gave the money. The elite like you reading and myself form only 20% of the electorate. Guess what! Only half of these elites votes. When asked why, you hear all kinds of different reasons. But this other 80% will stay with the long queue in polling stations to vote. Democracy is a game of number not by the amount of grammar we can write on the pages of newspaper.

The fundamental problem with our society is the decay of our system all atributed to poverty. I still believe "Good name is better than riches".
In Nigeria, "Riches is better than good name". Irrespective of how you get the money, money is money.

95% of these politicians (for or against) are money (not necessarily power becos power will give them access to our money) bags who want to loot the treasury of these nation.

Again, lets listen to ourselves when we write. EFCC is Economic and Financial Crime Commission. EFCC has no duty at preventing election rigging on an election day.

Our "so called leaders" are products of our society. We have a societal problem !!! You don't solve a problem from the head, you start from the very root.

I could not agreed less to the above opinion. A lot of elite like us that do a lot of criticism of government action hardly vote during the period of election.
Has anyone pause to ponder that perhaps much of criticism is what the elite can show in this dispensation, instead of actually participating to change the system. I am of the opinion that joining the winning party, PDP and try to change their orientation should be the next thing, if you cant beat them, join them.

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