Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Obasanjo and Powerful Toes

Now that it is just a matter time before the President leave the office, I have always hold the belief that he did his best, and in fact that his best is even better than what any of us could muster if we are to be in his shoe.
In the course of being the number one citizens, and in carrying out his work, he had stepped on toes, and indeed powerful toes, some of which has earn him adversaries and make his second term in office unpopular. Some of the toes he stepped on has rubbished his achievement in the last 8 years as if he did not achieve anything.
One thing for sure is that, there are instances where he has to take some decisions as the chief helmsman, and in the best interest of the people he governed, but will entails some sacrifices, and such sacrifices will take its toil on the masses, so much that he get more enemies. Perhaps, if he has limits his tenure to only 4 years, people would perhaps still be agitating that he should come back to rule us again.
Below is a list of toes that Obasanjo had stepped on, feel free to add in the comments, if you feel the list is not exhaustive.
  • In Abuja, FCT Minister demolition of houses has left a lot of people homeless
  • Ban on importation of certain items
  • Limiting the age grade of vehicles into Nigeria water to 8 years
  • Continue incaceration of Al-Mustapha, Bamaiyi and others
  • NAFDAC efficient performance of their duties
  • EFCC efficiency in fighting corruption and allied matters
  • Face off with Vice President Atiku Abubakar
  • Witholding of Council funds in Lagos state
  • Kidnapping of foreign nationals in Niger Delta
  • Sabottaging of PHCN, leading to incessant power outage
  • Lack of good roads, due to lack of constant maintenance culture
  • Decamping, Expulsion of some members of PDP
  • Alleged Third term agenda
  • Blocking of some Senators from picking the party ticket for second term.
  • PDP domination of most state of federation during poll
Ever pause to ponder that as a President, everyone could step on toes in any of the above scenarios, it is easy to criticise from far away, it is always not easy, when you are in the driving seat, especially in a type of Nigeria case.

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