Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crying over a spilt milk

I felt like writing today, but what to write about has eluded me. Then as I was on this quagmire, a friend of mine call as she always does, from the tone of her voice I knew instantly she is at it again. Times without number I had always encourage her to face her problems by being strong, but being a woman she is, she is always breaking down at any slight of setbacks.
The truth is we all have ups and downs in life, and it is said that the way we manage to face the challenges actually is what life all about. Griefing over a problem or setbacks can never and would never solve our problem, but will only disturb us from taken action. I told her to think back at each time she has break down and cried over her problems, whether those crying ever solve her problem, I therefore encourage her to always tell herself each time she is down that, this is her problem and she will never cry, and she will have to deal with it.
I guess these words of encouragement is surely doing so many things to her psyche, no wonder she is always better each time she spoke to me. Ever pause to ponder for once that each time we have something to make us feel low, it is extremely useless to cry unrelentlessly over such things, cry a little to relieve the tension, but always be strong to face the challenges.

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