Monday, April 23, 2007

Election Monitoring/Observer Group should shut up

I had always felt a jolt in my stomach each time this election monitoring/observer group open their mouth to condemn our election. What always come to my mind is, do they actually observe the election from Nigerian perspectives?
The fact that election actually held is enough to say, the INEC had did their best. For God's sake, they cant compare their country with Nigeria, there are so many things in this country that is not working perfect compare to the country they came from, this election is not an exception. Besides, there is no election that is perfect anywhere in the world.
We have tried our best by conducting an election that will see us transisting from one civilian government to another, we want to see it through. Whoever that ponder along with me on this, should help add a voice that they should shut up.


imnakoya said...

Is this post meant to be a joke, a satire or what? I don’t understand where you are coming from bro…

It is sad that a young man (going by your picture) like you would have such a low standard for himself and country. Thank God there are very few of your likes!

You should know that Nigeria is where it is today because those in charge have the same mind set as you – the ability to settle for the barest minimum!

PS: And don’t let the name deceive you – I’m Nigerian!!!

Akin said...

My dear young man,

You disappoint me, four sets of election monitors declared this election as barely meeting the minimum standards of a democratic process.

No project manager would run an election within 24 hours if the ballot papers for the same election are in still in South Africa. We were laughed to scorn because of that and it became the news instead of the elections itself.

You forget that Nigeria is a mirror of Africa to the world in terms of democracy, transparency and prudence, none of which we managed to excel at during these elections.

With all the talent and brains that have their roots from Nigeria, it beggars belief that anyone would condone the disgrace and stupidity exhibited by our leaders as sufficiently indicative of Nigeria's greater abilities.

However, if there are people of your generation who would feed this low-expectation complex, it would thrive.

As a Nigerian, it is not good enough, we live in a global community, it is time to expect everything we do to stand up to scrutiny, just as you would like your Nigerian degree to be accepted anywhere in the world.

The monitors have nothing to gain, they see electioneering as a fundamental human right, it is unfortunate that you cannot see that it is that right they are trying to defend for you and other Nigerians who had the opportunity to vote.

I should have replied and rubbished your write up about INEC and Atiku weeks ago, I wonder what your views of the Supreme Court are now?

My last emotion on writing this is still utter disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I was reading through this topic when I remembered that one Toks added a submission similar to this in funmi's blog, See it below: This is the link -
Check for Toks-boy's comments among the lots. it is however reproduced below.

Funmi thanks for your observations but I beg to disagree. I am very wary of all these foreign observers and their claims of irregularities etc. We all know, and expected , that there would be shenanigans along the way. If people chose not to exercise their right to vote surely that in itself is part of being in a democracy? The right to choose? Nigeria is on a journey. This is part of the journey.

The expectation was that there would be massive violence and widespread loss of lives. That did not happen. Is this not something to be commended?

The US & UK can cry foul all they like but I am sure their Ambassadors will be in Aso rock the day after the coronation to ensure that their interests are maintained. And who gives them the right to judge us anyway? What is the voter turnout in the UK? Are there no voting irregularities in the US?

I am sick of the meddling. The election is over. A winner declared. Let's move on to building the country. The opposition have four years to gather evidence against the newly elected government and prepare their battle plans. All part of the democratic process.

Despite all my cynicism about him I was very impressed with Yar Adua's calm demeanour at the press conference yesterday. I was especially impressed with the way he handled the questions from the foreign correspondents who were all fixated with allegations of this and that? Is it that Tony Blair and George Bush's administrations have exemplary records? Or is it not true that they would have set new lows in standards for "democratically" elected governments? Puh leeez.

We have a situation where one democratically elected government has handed over to another. That in my view is progress. Onward and upward. For those trying to give Nigeria a complex and want to continue tarring us with the same old brush to make themselves look superior. Good luck to you.I will not assist you with your objectives.