Thursday, May 4, 2006

Nigeria Daily sun Newspaper and Third Term Biased

Perhaps I am the only one that noticed this. The headline of the newspaper everyday is always centred on Third Term. Does it mean there is no any other issue of importance as news than the third term? This is not unconnected with the fact that the publisher i.e Governor of Abia State, Mr Kalu is interested in 2007 presidency. The Daily Sun newspaper is now used as anti 3rd term propaganda. If you want to read news that with a biased on third term in Nigeria, grab a copy of Daily sun Newspaper and you wont be dissappointed with the headline that will stare your face. for instance today's Healine is "Third Term debate begin in Senate, Obasanjo 3, Nigerians 10." I will continue to give you update on their headlines in the "comments" below as time goes on.
Ever pause and Ponder what this politician will not do to achieve their political ambition? Then I pause and ponder again, was all this biased reporting of Daily News paper on Third Term for the betterment of Nigeria democracy or realisation of Presidential ambition of its Publisher Governor Kalu? I ponder.

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