Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parastatals Merger

Ever since the government made it known that it intended to merge some of its parastatals, a lot of some voices in the public had been calling for merging of NCC i.e Nigerian Communications Commission with NITDA i.e National Information Technology Development Agency and of course NBC – Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.
Coming mostly from stakeholders in the ICT sectors, they argued that the three agencies had inter-lapping functions, and that in some countries, all three are under the same roof of an agency.
I wonder why NCC should be among this type of argument when it was establish by a decree which had since been re-enacted by National Assembly with the advent of Communications Acts, 2003. An Agency that was so well established by an Acts should be exempted from such merger even though it is big enough to accommodate other government Agency.
Having said this, I forsee it practicable that NCC absorb NITDA, but certainly not NBC. But come to think of it, it would be a wonderful combination should the 3 be merge together, as in the past, NBC are encroaching on the activities of NCC by giving licence to some Telecom Operators to broadcast some radio stations through their network which to me seems exclusive jurisdictions of NCC.
Let us pause and ponder over this, that should the 3 be merged together, isnt the masses that are going to gain, or the worse of it.


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