Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Suppose OBJ third term was a ruse?

Now that the Senators had burried the third term amendment bill and the bills that goes with it. Suppose OBJ does not really mean to go for third term? Has anyone try to look the matter from that perspective? Suppose third term was only use knowing fully well that it will generate a lot of uproar to kill the passing of other bills vis-a-vis the immunity for President and Governors? the Derivation formula etc. Suppose what OBJ really wants was to show to the world and that incoming government can never amend the constitution to elongate their stay in government in Nigeria as compared to the rest of africa. Suppose OBJ did all this to let Nigerians know that his government will be the last government with two terms and that the two terms syndrome is not feasible again. Suppose the target of OBJ is 6 year single term for incoming president and governors, suppose all the hulla balloo of the 3rd term is just a wild goose chase just to let incoming government know what they will face should they decide to stay put in office in Nigeria. Suppose OBJ is also working underground to defeat third term. Has anyone pause to think about this?
Pause to ponder whether any sit tight government in Nigeria and indeed in Africa does not goes to any length to achieve their dreams. Pause to ponder whether or not there are thousands of ways for OBJ to continue in office if desired to do so, he would have done his homework very well, know those who will work against him and take care of them with EFCC and ICPC. Pause to ponder whether all the 3rd term imbroglio was to wake Nigerians up that the Vice President who had since abandon his office to plan for third term is not fit as our President and that with the defeat of the third term now, a credible candidate is what Nigerians will be looking for which perhaps is what OBJ really wants when he knew those whom he might propose to succeed him may never see the light of the day? Have we pause to ponder that the impasse behind the 3rd term was another good work of OBJ to show the world that Nigerians is ripe in her democracy so much so that no government can try to elongate himself in office, and thereby setting a precedence to oncoming government. Whichever way you look at it, it is when OBJ leave the office that you will realise the work he had done and the good face he had given our democracy. Long live Nigerians and Long Live OBJ.


Chippla Vandu said...

Obasanjo’s government has done pretty well in my opinion. But there’s no need making assumptions about it not having a hand in the third-term saga. Nigerians are no fools. They saw what happened. Obasanjo has lost a great deal of credibility—the bribes, the scandals, arm-twisting, and the threats. These were all reported by centrist newspaper publications in Nigeria, and they are documented for posterity!

Obasanjo was misled, and he fell for it. When he gets to leave office next year, he would be remembered as the President who tried amending the constitution to seek an extra term in office. History would judge him based on this, just as IBB would always be remembered as the President who annulled the freest and fairest election in Nigeria’s history.

Do you truly believe that if Obasanjo chooses to stay in office he can? I don’t. Obasanjo ability to occupy Aso Rock exists because he does so constitutionally and because there are people who support him. When he chooses to over bend the rules, his supporters become dissidents. In such a situation, he would be left with no choice but to go the way of Abacha—ruling by brute force and becoming a virtual prisoner in Abuja. It is becoming more difficult for rulers to be dictatorial even in ‘primitive’ Africa.

A precedent has just been set. The rules cannot be bent for the selfish ambition of one man. As an individual, I am disappointed in Mr. Obasanjo, given that I have been a true supporter of his economic programs. He is just another African leader—the sit-tight type. Nigeria surely does not need his type anymore. Economic reforms without a respect for the law are worthless. Both must go hand in hand.

Taiye said...

Thanks chippla, at least he set a good precedents to incoming and international community that no Nigerian leader can try to perpetrate himself in power, such a step will be met with stiff opposition as been shown in the recent past months. In the long run chippla, it is the masses who gain, which is my aim and objectives, because no matter what our leaders does today, the future of our children matters a lot. Thanks for your contribution.

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