Sunday, April 29, 2007

This my DVD Player sef!

My DVD player is surely making weekends and after work hour boring for me. It is playing a fast one on me. Sony DVD player that I bought a year ago is now giving me problem, refusing to play most of my DVDs, it is always complaining 'cannot play this disc' . But if it were to be VCDs, it will gladly play them. I am hesitating taking it to electronic shop for repair, because if I give it two knocks at the top, it will eventually play the DVDs. A stitch in time saves nine, is a popular proverbs, I guess I am only proscrastinating taking it to electronic shop for repair. I was reliably informed that, it perhaps has to do with the lense of the player, it may need total changing. Whatever it is the problem, I guess it has to pack up finally before I make effort to either repair it or change it entirely.
I have loads of unwatched DVDs as a result of this problem. FRIENDS, 24 and LOST are still pending on my shelves. Pondering..................

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