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Kanu Nwankwo's Hangouts for Footballers

I read this in the Nigeria Daily Independence, and thought fellow bloggers could also learn about it. There is a in Victoria Island Lagos owned by the Portsmouth Striker and Nigeria Super Eagles Captain Kanu Nwankwo, the joint was said to be the hangouts of the Nigeria footballers each time they are in the country. Read more about it in this link
For those who could not get to the link, see the full story in the comments below.
Ever ponder what the name of the joint should be? PAPI is the name, coined from the nickname of the football star - Papillo.

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Papi’s Bar: Kanu’s Rendezvous For Footballers

Stories by Niyi Tabiti,Reporter, Lagos
28th April

Kanu Nwankwo is not just an international footballer of repute he is also lighting up social circles with his Papi’s Bar, a top rate celebrity hangout in Lagos.

Welcome to the only bar where you can find the highest number of Nigerian International football stars converge at any given time whenever they are in town. It is also one of the most preferred destinations of Nigerian celebrities when it is time to hangout.

Some of the footballers that have visited the place at various times include Ifeanyi Udeze, Joseph Yobo, Obafemi Martins and Jay Jay Okocha.

Papi’s Bar is located inside Hardley Suites, Waziri Ibrahim Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos and it is part of the joint hospitality business owned by the soccer star and Mr.Gam Ikon, a businessman and former banker.

‘Papi’, comes from ‘Papilo’, Kanu’s nickname. The first appeal that the place has to offer is the cool serenity. "Hardly can you find a place like Papi’s Bar inside Hardley Suites in Victoria Island", is how general manager of the bar, Mr.Osas Elimimian put it when Saturday Independent visited the place recently.

On the walls of the tastefully furnished bar are pictures that chronicle the past and present teams of the former captain of Nigerian Super Eagles. There is also Kano’s jerseys while playing at those clubs. Elimimian explained that the jerseys are valuable works of art because Kanu actually wore them on the field of play. The only Jersey that was not on the wall is that of Ajax Amsterdam FC. Elimimian told us that it was not as if Kanu is begrudging the club. "It is not on display because the one Kanu brought (to Nigeria) found its way to Owerri, Imo State. We are trying to get it back. We don’t want to go to the market and just buy any Ajax Jersey and put it on display. Rather, we want the one that he has worn on the field of play"

Saturday Independent findings revealed that entry into the club is reserved for high profile personalities and patrons get in based on personal recognition. If not you end up at the poolside bar. People staying at Hardley Suites also have access to the Bar.

The appearance of patrons is of great import. Elimimian told us that this is because the bar is not for everyTom, Dick and Harry. So everyone is expected to look neat and trendy.

The drinks at the bar are named after soccer terms. For instance, juice is kick off while vodka is called red card.Tia Maria, Baileys and Cointreau are known as yellow card. Other drinks range from, off side, goal kick, sliding tackle, corner kick and free kick.

However, we gathered that most of the special weekly programmes such as the dance party on Fridays have been cancelled. This is because there is a lodging block attached to the bar. "What we operate now is under a cool atmosphere that would allow people to network and chart a new course in whatever they are doing while also enjoying themselves at the same time with friends", Elimimian said.

One would have expected that the bar would also be the meeting point of women of easy virtue who may want to grab the attention of rich footballers and other celebrities hanging out there but the general manager says the reverse is the case.

According to him, "the ladies have tried in the past to break through protocol but we don’t just allow it. We have to put into consideration the security of those who are lodging in Hardley Suite. We know the security implications of allowing such a thing. We don’t encourage it."

On a parting note, Elimimian disclosed to Saturday Independent that they are working on expansion. "It is just part of the positive changes that would take place within this time", he said.

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