Sunday, May 20, 2007

Before the UEFA Chanpions League is Won by Cheats

Yeah, before UEFA champions league is won by cheats, the AC Milan of course. Call it that I am scared that they will win come Wednesday night, the truth is, there are so many things at stake. First, the two teams Liverpool and AC Milan are meeting in the final two times within 3 years, in the last final between the two, AC Milan is the favourite to win, before they lost scandalously through penalty kick after they had gone up by 3-0 in the first half before Liverpool equalised in the second half and went on to win through penalty kick.
The second is that once again, Liverpool had been written off by football experts, so the scenario of the last final between the two can still come into play. The last issue that bothers me much is the fact that AC Milan has been dubbed "cheats" for their role in match fixing in the 2006 Serie A league. The acts that earn them deduction of points thereby losing the title to Inter Milan. My worry is that should they win this year champions league, the truth is they do so by cheating, thereby putting disrepute to the game. Enough of the flimsy excuse that they had been punish, the truth however is they qualify for the league by cheating.
Having said this, ever ponder whether Liverpool can re-enact their last performance of 2005 final against Milan, even though this year there seems to be no any history backing up their attempts at a shot to the cup.
If AC Milan won the cup, let anyone believe and know that the cup this year goes to cheaters of the game in Italy which enable them to qualify for the league in the first place and I tell you, if they do win, then this year Champions league is not won by a worthy winner, because I am beginning to doubt if they did not fix the matches up to winning the cup.


c0dec said...

speaking without knowing facts. amateur.

twinstaiye said...

Then why dont you speak with facts. Whatever facts you have that we dont have, the truth is they are guilty of match fixing which makes them a cheats. Milan merely took advantage of the fact that UEFA lacked legal grounds to refuse them admission into this year champions league otherwise they wouldnt have participated at all. Speak out, if you know more fact.