Monday, May 7, 2007

Gardener's Daughter and my households

Ever since African Independent Television (AIT) started airing the foreign soap operas , my freedom at home has been limited within those 1 hour period. When they aired the PALOMA soap last year, it was the beginning of the dominance of my abode for a whole 1 hour. One would have thought that at the expiration of the soap, it will end there, but rather, AIT continue again to air the Gardener's Daughter. I am not the outgoing type, so I always remain indoor, and I enjoying doing so, watching TV mostly, but when it comes to Gardener's Daughter soap opera hour, my households will take over the Television and dominate the next 1 hour. Mostly, I compensated myself surfing the net or better still, made do with the TV in my bedroom.
Has anyone ponder along with me, or was it only in my households, that whenever the soap opera Gardener's Daughter is on air, nothing we do can make our spouse miss the episode. One painful thing about it all is that, AIT is gearing up to continue another foreign soap once this edition of Gardener's daughter expires. I guess my one hour freedom will be trample with for a long time to come.


Philomena Ojikutu said...

ha ha ha, catch ya!

get ready for another 180 hours of telenovela 'bondage' for the next 9 months!

The truth is that telenovela is a soul game and many here are soulmates with the best actors like S.B and S.N, who would be starring in the new one called catalina y Sebastian.

twinstaiye said...

Yeah Philomena, to safe myself with all that troubles, I decided to go with the flow and partake in watching this new one. It sounds interesting thus far.