Monday, May 28, 2007

The Alibi of the Vice President

One thing that is synonymous with our politicians is the way they palter with us in double sense, the way they keep the word of promise to our hear and break it to our hope. A classic example is the outgoing Vice President. One would have thought he will remain in the country to see to the end of his tenure, but he chose to absent whether with or without leave.
For him to perform his last responsibility as the Vice President, by attending the inauguration of the new President elect, he also chose to stay away saying that he cannot dignify such a hollow ritual with his presence. What an alibi of saving face! The truth is he is not sure of what will happen to him after his tenure in office, perhaps the existing EFCC who still remain in the incoming administration may be on his trail, so he chose to remain abroad.
I wonder when our politician will cultivate the habit of resigning honourably especially when the ovation is loudest most. Truth is, the VP relevance in office is no more necessary, the moment he chose to be at logger head with the President, and he should have resign since then. Can any one ponder along with me, and point out any tangible and cogent thing he had undertake in office since the impasse he had with the President.
The yoruba had an adage which says, "Bi aba nja, Bi kaku ko" meaning 'we do not fight to the point of wishing someone dead' Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought the VP is more closer to the Yar'Adua family than what is obtainable from the VP. Methinks that he is expected to rally round Yar'Adua in this handing over than any other person, sweeping under the carpet his ambition to be president which had already been truncated. Methinks, he should have use this opportunity to warm his way into political relevance in Nigeria again instead of choosing to be confrontational by going as far as not only refusing to recognise the administration of Yar'Adua, but went as far as challenging his election at election tribunal and also refusing to attend his innauguration.
His alibi for staying away from the inauguration isnt genuine enough and to me is a face saving. The truth is if the election is free and fair and he lost, he still will not attend one way or the other because he has lost credibility of his office to the impasse between him and the President. The letter he wrote to inform Nigerians of his absence at the inauguration is a gimmicks to make us believe that his alibi is genuine, but it is a classic case of face saving to conceal the loss of his political relevance in Nigerian polity.
Past experience should have taught him and revealed to him by now that nothing, (and I hasten to add too that it has never been) come out of his election petition with election tribunal. That too, to me is also an alibi of face saving to conceal loss of political relevance, no wonder he is not around to supervise and file the appeal himself.
I beg, enough said.


Nigeria Politricks said...

Why are you picking the wrong battles? Our political problem is endemic and the presence of Atiku or lack thereof, at the swearing in of our supposedly president-elect Yar'Adua will not validate an election that has been adjudged as ill conceived, unconstitutional and a sham!

Nomad said...

chei bros, just trailed you from Addy's blog; u for live blog the event for us now, as u say u're watching it on NTA. cant believe that 8 yrs ago, we were popping champagne and watching it in naija; those were heady days (we were so optimistic...)e go better.