Wednesday, May 23, 2007

That call by 48 Nobel Laureate

The call by the 48 Nobel Laureate that the last April election should be re-run or else it will portends violence is seriously not expected of high calibre individuals that the world hold high in esteem. The fact that they predict a warning that not doing so could lead to violence is to say the least an unguarded statement.
For God's sake I have been saying this times without number that those who do not stay in this country or are frequenting abroad and Nigeria should not light the ember of violence in Nigeria. All the 48 Nobel Laureate needs to do is to conduct an opinion poll whether there should be re-run of this election or not. Majority of Nigerians are not ready to embark on any violence to protest an election that was won by one of the candidates, afterall the one they protested for on June 12 1991 election is still fresh in their memory, and still achieve the desire results.
If the48 Nobel Laureate predicted and warn about violence, who is starting the violence? Are they saying they will lead the violence together with their families who lives abroad? Are they saying the aggrieved Presidential candidates would lead the violence with their families? Of course none of the above is going to be the scenarios, we dont want violence in this country, because we dont have anywhere to go in the event of total collapse of law and order compare to them who had all their families scattered abroad.
While we appreciates their condemnation of the last April election as was done by everyone, this blogger inclusive, the truth is no election is perfect, therefore, let us move on. None of the candidates had anything against the winner in Yar'Adua as a person, nobody has come out to doubt his integrity or his past misdemeanour, then let him form his government. The aggrieved presidential candidates has filed their appeal at the Appeal Court Tribunal, let us wait and see the outcome instead of inciting violence.

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