Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Obasanjo in Tinubu

I had always said it that those who are championing fight for democracy today are not indeed fighting because of it, but for their own selfish interest. First, when OBJ was at logger heads with his VP, a lot of sympathy goes to the VP from a lot of people, but the truth is, if we were in OBJ shoes we would probably have done more than what he did.
Truth be told, it is not only OBJ that has a score to settle with his deputies, there are other state governors who also have the same problem with their deputies. I always ponder how soon we forget that the battle indeed started with Governor of Lagos State Mr. Tinubu, when he fought tooth and nail to impeach his deputy Kofoworoola Bucknor-Akerele, and thereafter appoint the incumbent Femi Pedro.
It is clear from the above that the intolerance of disloyalty from deputy is something that is not common in Nigerian politics, it further shows that, had it been that Governor Tinubu share the control of the house of assembly with his then deputy, then he will also run into trouble waters like OBJ and Atiku scenarios.
Having said all this, as if Tinubu has not learnt from the lesson of Bucknor Akerele, he is also on the verge of removing his present deputy Femi Pedro, and at the time of writing this, a 7 man Panel had been set up by the Chief Justice of the State and infact, Pedro has resigned, the resignation that Tinubu refused to accept preferring to impeach his deputy even when handing over date is less than 20 days because he dare contest an election he Tinubu did not deem he should contest.
Now those of us that is condemning Obasanjo, we can only do that from far away because we dont know what goes under the carpet, Tinubu who join hands in condemning the PDP government could not have done better if he was in OBJ shoes, at least by their actions we shall know them, having use 2 deputies in the spate of 8 years, and the third is even around the corner if he succeeded in impeaching Pedro.
Now, Pause and Ponder, is it not the Obasanjo in Tinubu that is showing now?, and I am sure, there are so many Obasanjo in many of us, it is because it is easier to criticise from far, than when we are actually involved.

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Boso said...

Less than 3 weeks to go, what's the point of forcing the chap to resign?