Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Muscle Flexing - Who actually won?

It is no more news that the President and his Vice at each other's throat, the 2007 elections actually brought to light what both of them had been hiding from the public. We all witness the roforofo fight and mudslinging between the two and I had always ponder times without number who actually will win the power tussle.
The tussle can be put into two ways, the power tussle to gain public sympathy and the power to dominate each other. While the Vice won convincingly on the first, the President seems to have overcome his vice on the second. Most of the support garnered by the VP from the public is not based on the sympathy the public has for him though, it is probably because of so many toes the president has stepped on, and this has resulted in so many people wanting him to go at all cost.
Now that the election has been won and lost, the VP seems to have lost everything. He was in the ruling party before, with a bright prospect, but he is now in the opposition. With all the rented crowd in his campaign train, he should be licking his wound now that those crowd does not actually reflect the true position of his political popularity.
The truth is nobody had been known to fight the government to a standstill, even the VP was still unable to achieve this despite the series of court cases that he won against the government, at the end of the day, he is still on the loose end. He is being used by a lot of people that want the President to leave by May 2007 at all cost, now he is in political oblivion, the structure he thought he had on ground has blow up right on his face.
Has anyone pause to ponder what is the next line of action for the Vice President after he lost out in the muscle flexing between him and the President?

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