Sunday, May 27, 2007

Handing over the Jailbirds to the President-Elect

Am I the only one pondering over the post 29th May handing over to the new President? Well one of the thing I am highly interested in is the faith of two jailbirds during the reign of the President. Major Al-Mustapha and General Bamaiyi are in jail during the reign of the president, with their respective cases still in court with so many adjourned cases, what happened to them after the departure of the Obasanjo regime?
Making it interesting is the role the two played in the alleged coup case leveled against Obasanjo during Abacha regime, there are also some people apart from Obasanjo who earn from brutality of the two during the period. One would then wonder whether with the depart of the Obasanjo, the two jailbirds would be released during Yar'adua regime, considering the fact that the two came from the northern region like the president elect.

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