Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Saved by Arsenal

There is that premonition that something will go wrong before the end of the day, but I just dont know where to place it until when I was driving this afternnon when it eventually happened.
First it was one Nissan Laurel that gave me the baptism of fire by hitting my car because he cannot control his car on a hilly hold up, before he could accelerate to move forward, his car made a dent on the front bumper of my car, the damage is not much though. He did not even bother to come down from the car, neither do I, because the hold up was tense.
But when I drove out again later in the day, I had a break failure that resulted in denting another car with Arsenal football club logo conspicuously display at the bumper of the car. The car owner came down to access the damage so as to determine my bill. I did not even do any argument, I simply ask him to let me have how much it will cost. We were on this when he said he need to call his mechanic but did not have credit on his phone, so I handed him my Sony Ericsson P990i to make the call. He was about to make the call when he noticed the Arsenal Theme on my phone and he exclaimed, you are an Arsenal Fan too, and I replied, sure, Gunners for life. He went further to admire the phone and the Arsenal theme which gave the phone a nice look with Arsenal logo display conspicuously in the background. He forgot completely the Mechanic he wanted to call, but continue to admire the Arsenal Theme. So I show him more of my Arsenal wallpapers until he now came back to life to remember that he needs to call his mechanic. He put the call through, but it kept ringing, when he tried about 3 times, he gave up and dismiss the whole matter with a wave of the hand that I should even forget the whole matter, that I should go, he will effect the minor repair himself, because I am an Arsenal fan.
I was grinning with smile and thank him profusely. I had an instant relief because my mind had been doing some calculations on my budget on where to place the cost of his Car repair. We exchange phone number and even ask me to assist him in searching for Motorola Razr Arsenal themes.
I know you will ponder that I was left off the hook because I was an Arsenal fan, but like Oliver Twist, I cannot but ponder if he would suggest a repair on my own car too. Probably that will be pushing my luck too far dont you think so?

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