Thursday, November 1, 2007

HAZARDOUS - Liverpool Fan Kills Arsenal Supporter

This should be the third or fourth time this is happening in Nigeria. That is of course those that were reported. The hazards of supporting English premier League has claimed another victim. This was reported in the news newspapers yesterday. I had also reported 2 of such incidence in another blog operated by myself but now merged with this one, where a Bolton fan also stabbed an Arsenal fan in the last year Carling Cup. Is this madness not getting too much?

Here is the story.

A 28-year-old fan of Arsenal FC of England, Mr. Femi Ajibola, has been stabbed to death by a Liverpool FC supporter. P.M.News learnt today that the incident took place at Afijuomo area of Mile 12, Lagos, after the 1-1 draw between the two teams last Sunday.

Sources at the scene of the incident told P.M.News learnt that the suspect, Mr. Wahebi, a fan of Liverpool FC, engaged Mr. Ajibola, an Arsenal fan, in an argument over which club is superior.

“The heated argument led to a fight but the intervention of neighbours and other fans, brought the situation under control. Ajibola and Wahebi thus went their separate ways,” he said.

It was learnt that not satisfied, Wahebi went to his house, picked up a knife and went to Ajibola’s house where another fight ensued and Wahebi stabbed Ajibola.

Ajibola, P.M.News learnt, was taken to Ikeja General Hospital but he died on the way due to excessive bleeding.

It was further gathered that after Wahebi learnt of Ajibola’s death, he fled the area along with his entire family.

When P.M.News visited Wahebi’s house this morning at 20, Afijuomo street, Mile 12, the two storey building where over six families lived before the incident was completely deserted.

P.M.News learnt that tenants and Wahebi’s family fled for fear of being arrested by policemen from Ketu who are investigating the murder.

It was gathered that after the incident, the youths in the area attempted to burn Wahebi’s house but were advised by the elders in the area not to take laws in their hands.

The atmosphere in the area this morning was still tense days after the incident happened.

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Why did this happen? Because of football? Wow, how sad...