Friday, November 9, 2007

BBA II - Would Ofunneka follow the footsteps of Cherise?

After 98 days of intense maneuvering and backbiting among housemates, the curtain finally falls this weekend on the M-Net Big Brother 2 Television Reality show. Without a doubt, the big question on the lips of every BBA fan in the continent is, who among the trio of Nigeria’s Ofunneka, Angola’s Tatiana and Tanzania’s Richard, will clinch the coveted $100,000 or N12.6 million on offer this Sunday?
I am not good at predictions, but sometimes, I do predict silently to myself which most times come into pass. I remember, I had supported Katung during the BBN, and he won gallantly. As for this BBA 2, my support is with Ofunneka, the Nigeria contestant in the house. Each day I think about how the voting will look like, I ended up finding it difficult to believe that she wont win. All the aces are on her side. But if recent text messages by Richard fans which are being shown on the screen, is anything to go by, I am beginning to have jitters. However, the contest is certainly between Ofunneka and Richard. I have to say it with all sense of modesty however, that I believe that Ofunneka will win and join the Cherise the winner of BBA first edition. If Ofunneka wins, it will be the second time in the running that female would win the Big Brother Africa.
Most of the evicted housemates has come out to say that Ofunneka would win, One of them even said it recently that she is the only housemates who had stick to her game plan since the beginning of the show.
What is more, something keeps telling me that Ofunneka would win comes this Sunday. Best of luck Ofune-Mama.

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