Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Aftermath of GSM Free Calls

If you have not not noticed this, try and observe it, Nigerians who indulge in staying awake to make free calls are easy to notice nowadays, it is either they doze off while in the car, bus or come late to office or schools.
Ever since two GSM operators Glo and MTN announced free calls from midnight until early in the morning, nigerians who had been noted to love free things have swoop on the advantage. They now stay awake till midnight to make their calls free of charge. As a Glo subscriber, I noticed that one is able to put a call through at several trials before one can succeed, and it is no more safe to make calls as from 12 midnight because there are so many subscribers trying to make a call.
The danger inherent on this is that, even in emergency, there will be problem of getting your call across to seek for assistance.
Ever Pause to ponder that some decorum need to be put into this free calls facility?.

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