Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Birthday

I just added another day today. As usual, as in the past, I will be celebrating alone with no any fun fare. I cant remember celebrating any of my birthday, I mean I had never celebrated it with all those cacophonous or with epicentre of celebration. Instead, I always mark it with just some sober reflection that I just added another year. Recently, I will continue with my work and at the same time let the music of King Sunny Ade (Birthday) play on, and as I am writing this, the music is playing in the background.
I also put on my wife's birthday present, a beautiful suit, which she presented to me. The fact that I dont celebrate my birthday also explain why I dont remind people when my birthday knocks my door. Perhaps this explain why I hardly receive birthday greetings in form of cards, gifts or text messages. To me, I believe, if I meant a lot to you, you should remember my birthday without reminding you. So among my friends, who make it a duty to send birthday greetings to me even without reminding them, I used to appreciates such gestures, no matter how it is sent.
Have you ever pause and ponder what birthday celebration is all about? I remember my boss telling me in one of my past birthday that, the fact that one is alive to witness another year is enough a celebration. What is your own perception of celebrating birthday?


Queen Ebong said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend's birthday was yesterday and we danced all night.
Where is the birthday cake now?
Wont U keep some for the bloggers?

May GOD grant U all ur heart desires.


Calabar Gal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing U many more happy & fulfilled years!!

I'm a Boxing Day baby and I've gotten used to my peeps - yes even my very close friends not remembering my birthday cos they're busy celebrating the yuletide season with their own family and relatives.

I'm not a fussy person. Cant rememeber the last time I had a birthday bash (must have been my 18th birthday) unlike my girlfriend who has a party every year to 'Thank God'. Tried to convince her that U 'Thank God' by giving an envelope or freewill offering in church or helping the less needy but no - her own way of 'Thanking God' is by inviting all to boogie and chop.

Well, to each his own.......

Hepzibah said...

I like birthday celebrations - it is a time of pause and reflection on what has passed and what is still to be done.

Happy Birthday and God bless you.