Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Kanu Nwankwo

By the time I come of age, I am oblivious of who I adore as a person, similarly I had always wonder at such truism as adoring someone you had never met as a hero. Equally in my amazement is to have someone you love to meet in person, all this I only wanton in fantasy by choosing either those who are heroes at that time or personalities that are popular.
However, by the time the Nigerian U17 triumph in Japan in 1993, I remember there is one Nwankwo Kanu, who perform excellently well at the tournament. As if that was not enough, his sojourning at Ajax Amsterdam together with Finidi George makes him an instant public figure. The Nigerian Dream Team triumph at the Atlanta 96 Olympic put him into final limelight as a world celebrity.
I had to confess here that my likeness for Nwankwo Kanu dated back to his playing days at Ajax, there I make sure I monitor his progress. By the time he won Gold at Atlanta 1996 soccer events, I have loved him with everything in me.
Like I said earlier on, Nwankwo Kanu must be the only person in my life that I love and does not know I existed. I adore him so much. I always pray for him consciously or unconsciously, monitoring his progress daily and eager to hear news of his sojourning in every premiership games.
I remember what I went through at the beginning of this season, I need step by step progress reports on his tranfer, so I had to add his name in Google alert to enable me monitor any available net news about him, this is to monitor his transfer progress to assuage my fear of him leaving England. I know it as a fact that he will prefer to stay in england and i keep monitoring whether there is any available club in England that is willing to sign him.
I am always devastated anytime I learnt of any negative views, comments about him. My entire household knew quite well that I am accustomed with one phrase about him - "I JUST LOVE THAT GUY".
My house, desktop, laptop, mobile phone are adore with his pics. Kanu is my man. The only opportunity I had to see him physically was at Abuja Stadium. I think we were playing against Malawi, I went to the stadium purposely to see him, and I am glad I did. The only thing i could do to stamp my presence was the shout of Papillo as he was returning to the dressing room after the match. I remember him waving back, probably not to me, but the waving back did a lot of consolation to me as if I am the one he is acknowledging.
My friends are in the habit of making jest of me because I dont have a particular club I support in England except any club that Kanu Nwankwo play for, So you can see that I have been and still be an admirer of Ajax, Inter, Arsenal, WestBrom and recently Portsmouth.
Ever ponder why football is a passionate game? I guess one of the reason is because we all have one or two of the players we adored, like I have in KANU NWANKWO.


Anonymous said...

this is just a piece of shit man don't you know about benjani who was an instant heat

Anonymous said...

anonymous imhata

twinstaiye said...

But am sorry, I dont like benjani, i dont hate him either, my adoration of Nwankwo Kanu is by no means to the detriment of other players.

Chxta said...

Kanu is the real darling of Nigerian football...

Calabar Gal said...

I was pretty worried about Kanu's Creer when West Brom went down to the lower division but I'm glad he's waxing strong at Portsmouth who won the relegation battle last season. He's been scoring good goals too. I guess it all has to do with not olnly your form but teamplay also.

Wishing him many more scoring successes. Except when playing Tottenham Hotspurs of course!! (smile)

Calabar Gal said...