Monday, September 25, 2006

The long absence

Ever ponder why it took me long to update this blog. I have no excuse but to apologise. I guess I got carried away with so much works in the office, and perhaps because of lack of apettite to write again. I guess I am tired of the political atmosphere going on in my country, or the war in Lebanon or better still, the sudden uprising of Taliban in Afghanistan. It may perhaps be the unending death in Iraq and the looming of civil war or perhaps another mistakes of leveling Iran under the pretext of amassing nuclear power even though Tehran has constantly said it is for energy. The same denial Saddam keep telling those who cares to listen when it was accused of having WMD, until after he was overthrown and the world were made to understand that he neither possess WMD, nor has any link with Al-Qaeda. So why was his government toppled? of course the answer is because the Bush government want the Shites and the Shias to be at logger heads resulting in daily dozens of deaths.
I hope to have more time on this blog as time progresses to shed more lights on all the above.