Monday, March 3, 2008

Some figures that matters

Do you know your Car Registration number off head? Why do I ask? Well, no reason in particular, but as the title goes, there are some little things that do matters. A friend recently ask me whether I know my car registration number off head, it was there and then that I now realise I do not know it off head, at least not all of it.
Truth is, if you are using a car for the first time, I mean if your car is the first one, chances are that you may know your Car Registration off head, because you will be fond of it, being the first time you are owning a car. But as time progresses, when you continue to change car, you lost interest in those numbers. Which is why some people mistook another person's car for theirs. How do you then identify your own car in pool of cars of the same type in the car park. The colour? or better still, the inner of the cars. Chances are that, they may be the same, this is where the registration come into play. A mere glance at the registration number can quickly assist you which is your car, but you may not notice that you did not actually know the number off head. Stress of work, little time to take notice could be reasons for such forgetfulness. If you dont know your own, how then can you know that of your wife?
This is just car registration number, what about your bank account numbers? That may be too far, how about your cell phone number? or that of your spouse? Some people had save their spouse phone number and does not need to punch the numbers several times, thereby not even knowing it off head.
Ever pause to ponder for once, and ask yourself some of these questions?

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