Monday, June 5, 2006

Big Brother Nigeria and my Narrow Escape

A nearly tragedy could had befell me just because of Big Brother Nigeria. It happened that my DSTV subscription expired on 25th May, but I don’t intent to subscribe for another full bouquet because I can always watch World Cup in local media or even in ESPN which is available in the mini bouquet. So I was left with a dilemma whether to subscribe for full bouquet or mini bouquet, because of Big Brother Nigeria which is just 3 days away. Having converge with my kitchen cabinet members, I decided to subscribe for mini bouquet and wave the idea of watching the Big Brother Nigeria in my home. So on the final grand finale day, I decided to watch it in a friend’s house. After the show, we set for home, and the heavenly gift started pouring down. Couples with the fact that it is in the night and the rain was pouring down heavily, lots of motorists were cautious on the road. I was about a stone throw to my house when this car came on rushing to my car. Before I could avoid it, it crashed into the car am driving. The passenger door is a write off, but we are all hale and hearty to continue the gist of the joy that Katung won. It was indeed a narrow escape. But I am left with the wrath of my wife whose car we took out on this fateful day.
I continue to pause and ponder that, had it been I decided to subscribe for the full bouquet of DSTV, perhaps, I wouldn’t have gone out at that particular time, moreso when the full bouquet subscription and the repair to be performed on the car is almost the same.

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