Thursday, June 15, 2006

With 4,300 Naira, You cant Watch the World cup on DSTV

I am a lover of Soccer that is perhaps the main reason I subscribe to DSTV so I can watch the English Premiership Live. For those readers of this blog outside Africa, DSTV is an acronym for Digital Satallite Television being run by Multichoice South Africa, they are the only DTH who can transmit Live Premiership matches to Africa.
With their full buoquet of N9,000 naira every month, you can watch the premiership live, while you wont be able to do so with their N4,300 mini bouquet. I am used to subscribing for their full bouquet as I stated earlier on in this blog, but on this particular occasion, i thought since Premiership will be on in August, let me save some cost and subscribe to Mini bouquet. It is very sad that, when the world cup kicked off, there is no any single channel on DSTV that is showing the match either delayed or live. So I have to resort to watching the matches on the local TV stations.
Have you pause and ponder along with me that with the sum of N4,300, it is a shame on the part of DSTV that its subscribers canno watch FIFA 2006 World Cup on Multi Choice DSTV!

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