Friday, December 21, 2007

Alhassan Bangura's Story

Alhassan Bangura is a footballer with Watford Football club in England, he came to England at the age of 15 as an asylum seeker. Now that he is 19, and old enough, the british home office thinks he is mature enough to return back to his country. There had been 5,000 signature petition and appeal of rulings, and in the end, Al Bangura case is still on, but with a concession that he can apply for a work permit.
Read more from this blog about Bangura full story.

What baffles this blogger is the reason he adduced to his inability to return back to his country. This blogger ponder whether such babaric culture still exist in Africa. With this scenarios, will Bangura ever play for his native country - Sierraleone?

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