Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When to keep a distance

My best friend that recently got married is facing a hell of a time of marriage life. Each time we spoke, it is one counselling or the other. Some people sure dont know how to take care of the home front, especially on the right of each partners on every matter affecting the couple, and this immensely contributed to my friend marriage imbroglio.
There is no clear trust and respect for the bride on the part of the groom, while the bride feel insecure from this incessant occurrences on the part of the groom, which makes her feeling home sick and misses everybody that matters most in her life. Not to be at the centre of a young marriage problems, I guess I have to stop taking the call of my friend if it relates to matter affecting their marriage, as it is beginning to take stock on this blogger especially when he is already being put at the centre of some of their controversy.
I guess readers of this blog should take a cue from my experience, it is only wiser to maintain a respectable distance of giving advice to couples at certain stage, and I want to believe that now is the best time as far as my friend marriage is concerned.

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I have learned that when married people have problems, make yourself very scarce and/or offer no advice.
Trust me, nothing good will come out of your involvement. Merry Xmas!

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