Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Scandal of CAF Footballer of the year Award

With recent allegations from Didier Drogba and recently confirmed by Fredric Kanoute, that a CAF officials did call them and warn them that if they did not appear at the ceremony, the award will not be given to them. The obvious is now known that, the award is not sometimes based on the performance of the players being given the award. The case of J J Okocha comes in minds in 2003 and 2004 respectively when the award goes to Samuel Eto'o. The truth is, the BBC footballer of the year award is more fair than the CAF award itself. Where BBC footballer of the year award were being chosen by the BBC listeners, the CAF award were being chosen by the Coach of the 53 affiliates FAs of the CAF. It goes on to show that, the CAF footballer of the year award is being imposed on us by just only 53 'supposed' football experts in Africa.
That reminds me, one would have thought that when Glo take over the sponsorship of the award, it will be more transpatent, but reverse is the case. By the way, what happens to the results of the CAF player of the year which the Glo network ask us to vote for? Does it mean, the 53 Coaches' chosen CAF player award supercedes that of the ones the Sponsorship company ask us to vote for?
Ever pause to ponder that, in future, the voting patterns should be modified as the award continues to generates controversy every year? Ever also pause to ponder what will happen to the credibility of the award if Kanoute decides to return the award because it is evident as if he did not merits the award since if he himself did not attend, it means the award will not be given to him?

The CAF has come out later after the above was posted to confirmed on Thursday Didier Drogba's claim that he was stripped of the African Footballer of the Year award because he didn't show up to collect his title.

CAF had initially denied Drogba's revelation that a member of their organisation had phoned him to say if he didn't travel to Togo capital Lome his trophy would go to Fredi Kanoute.

So I pause to ponder again, what will happen if the three nominees refuse to attend the ceremony? Truth is, this arrangement will always belittle the award, and make the awardee feel as if he doesnt deserve the award. Think again CAF. So with the above CAF confirmation, who indeed is the CAF Footballer of the year awardee for 2007? Drogba or Kanoute? A quick answer, Drogba is the selected and merited Footballer of the year Award, while Kanoute is the decorated Footballer of the year award.


Akin said...


There probably is a bigger scandal of ineptitude as to why the ceremony was held in the middle of a critical continental football competition at first, and then staged in another country.

One would think with the Africa Cup of Nations going on in Accra, where the press, the fans, the sponsors and the eyes of the world are, they would choose to award the accolade at the closing ceremony in Accra rather than asking team players to travel from training camps in Ghana to Lome in Togo.

It just beggars belief that we have such stupid people in charge.

Which Way Nigeria said...

Honestly, there maybe a few issues with the timing, location and selection process; but my issue remains that of Drogba and his claim to it.
Is he such a bad loser? ( hope he will not be blaming the referee in the event of their loss anytime soon)

Secondly, i do not see any reason why BBC African footballer of the years' selection method should be a yard stick for selcting that of a continental award.

I do not wish to voice it out but; i hope someone is not alluding that CAF cannot do a better job.

Anonymous said...

The FIFA World footballer of the year is also decided in the same way, all the coaches in the World vote on the players. The voting method is not a scandal at all. The Players have an award which is also voted for by their fellow professionals.

The real scandal like everyone has said is that someone was stupid enough to schedule this awards ceremony in the middle of the tournament, and instead of doing it in Ghana, they decided to do it in Togo. Pure, unadulterated, stupidity.

twinstaiye said...

Even if the FIFA Footballer of the year award was also decided on this basis, does it mean that their selection should continue to be imposed on us all? Think it is high time "Spectators Footballer of the year award" be started, just like the professional players are doing their own.