Monday, February 4, 2008

Bloggers on the Super Eagles performance at Ghana 2008

Nigerian bloggers comments on the not so super eagles of Nigeria performance at Ghana 2008 is definitely not a no-comment approach. A note of disappointment is clearly seen from the write-ups. As far as I am concerned, the Super Eagles did not deserve to win Nigeria v. Ghana match, it will strongly be a total disappointment for our team to win against the host nation with our performance, as it will take a shine off the competition if the host were to be eliminated in the quarter finals especially with the eagles shoddy performance. Bloggers and Nigerians have come out to call for the sack of the coach berti vogts who cannot take the advantage of a sending off of a black stars player. The match ended Nigeria 1 Ghana 2
The "Super Fowls" as some Nigerians now call our Eagles or 'super chickens" as the Ghanaians fans now call them, while some one call in to condemn the 'slow motion' football our eagles play during the soccer fiesta.
The truth is, the blame on our shoddy performance is not on the coach alone, but should be on the administrators of our football, the players and of course the fans. I think a state of emergency should be declare on our football, disband the current team and let the current Golden eaglets metamorphose into the national team.
As the soccer fiesta continues, my solace lies on the performance of the Ivory Coast team who are delight to watch, my 100% is with them, especially when they did not allow us to be disgrace out of the group stage by beating the Mali team for us. Go for the gold, the Great Elephants!!! and Come back home disgraced super chicken.


Anonymous said...

They should just stay in ghana. They are not wanted in Nigeria.

ababoypart2 said...

Like you said, the blame doesnt just lie with the coach...its a lot deeper than that!