Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Eagles Qualifications - Efficacy of Prayer or Miracle?

It took a lot of things before the Super Eagles qualify for the next round in the African Cup of Nations. Like I earlier wrote on this blog, the Nigerian Streets roar into life again with the shouts of goals after 240 minutes of play by eagles in the nations cup.
Like the above topic suggests, it took a lot of things, before the Super Eagles were able to fly into quarter finals. It took the intervention of the Captain, Kanu Nwankwo to read riot acts to his players before the match and during the half time. It also took the efforts of the Captain to also shout instructions from the base line of the pitch before the eagles can fly, some football supporters are already asking him to take over the coaching of the super eagles, can you beat that? It also took the ingunuity of the the Elephants of Ivory Coast to beat the Eagles of Mali 3 goals to nil, before the eagles fly into the quater finals, the same Mali team the eagles cannot beat in their second group match.
It is either two things, the Eagles can consolidate yesterday's victory and go all the way to the final, or further show their wobble and fumbling in the next game against Ghana and pack their bags and baggages back to their various clubs. As far as I am concerned, I have written them off, considering their performance since the inception of the tournament.
Having said this, it goes on to show that, at least, the Super Eagles are not disgraced in the tournament, and that Mali truly deserves not to qualify to the quaterfinal because they score only one goal against Benin and it was eventually a penalty goal. Simply put, this set of Super Eagles had everything in them to fly, but they just simply refuse to be more committed, and if these goes on, I am not ready to bet on them.
Ever pause to ponder whether miracle or prayer is responsible for the Super Eagles qualifications into the next round of the competition?

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