Sunday, January 6, 2008

Very Blunt Denrele Edun of Soundcity

I read this in the Daily Independent, and cannot but pause and ponder on some of the blunt answers by Denrele Edun. Like him or hate him, he sure make my day.

When you won Producer of the Year award at the Future Award some people protested that you were not a producer?

At the Future Award, I was nominated in two categories, Producer of the Year and On-air Personality of the Year. I wanted the on-air personality award but didn’t get it. The thing is I produced most of the programmes on Soundcity. When I started at Soundcity I wanted to be engaged in behind the scene work because everybody wanted to be on TV. If you mention the name Soundcity now, my name readily comes to mind. All the stuff that Pasuma, Sound Sultan, Stella and Co. did were my work. All Soundcity endorsements were courtesy me. I even developed concept of some of the programmes and wrote scripts for most of them. I’ve been producing Star Host from 2005.

When did your crazy stunt begin?

It was when I started modelling. I’ve been in entertainment for a while but when I started modelling a lot of things changed. I started with House of Kesse Jabari and at that point I was the smallest and skinniest. I didn’t even have the criteria to be a runway model but Kesse Jabari must have seen something in me. I needed to make an impression so I started cutting my jeans and combing my hair. Then I couldn’t do my hair like this I had to be packing them because I was too shy. When I started my family, especially my grandma, almost ran mad. It was modelling that started the crazy stunt.

Who makes your clothes?

When I was a model I made my clothes but now there is no time. Abbey Stitches is making them for me now.

It is said that all sort of women want to have a taste of you.

There are too many women for me to handle. In just two weeks I have had over 900 texts from women. Right now I’m not in any relationship and I’m enjoying the attention. There are too many girls running after me and even men have started running after me.

What do you do about them?

I’m very focussed; I can count the number of girls I’ve slept with. I can handle that aspect of my life well. Of course some situations have gotten out of hand; there was one girl that printed wedding invitations that she and I were getting married. It was a big issue.

When I’m dating somebody I concentrate fully on that person. I am a one-way traffic person. Don’t also forget that you can’t have it all, the girls you like will not like you and the ones you don’t will.

Is handling them also getting down with them?

No. I know how to handle them in such a way that I won’t put them in a position that will make them feel inferior or dejected. I just lead them on knowing that they will leave me when they are tired. But there are some that will put you in a tight corner.

When they put you in a tight corner what do you do?

Well, it depends on the person in question; if she is worth it we will unzip everything.

Would you have gotten this far without Soundcity?

Before Soundcity I’ve been doing something; I was teaching at that time. Then, I had to cut my hair short, I was still struggling with modelling and other things. Soundcity helped tremendously; I’ve been recognised for something. The station has helped to project the Denrele brand.

What was the transition like from stage acting and modelling to presenting?

I had to draw a line between acting and presenting. When we were doing our training, I was always acting too much. Even now, there are so many things distracting me when I’m presenting.

There was a time you guys were suspended from the station; you were the last person to return then. What happened?

I really don’t know why we were suspended, the allegation was that we came late to the venue of our Soundcity Blast. We were in the hotel and I was on the red carpet for three hours. When we got the suspension it was a blessing as I had the time to do the things I wanted to do. When everybody was recalled I did not feel like going back because I had issues with my boss. We used to fight a lot. Then, I got endorsement for Power Fist and was with D’Banj going from one campus to the other. I did Who Wants to be a Millionaire and launched Deola Sagoe’s new line. So I was not jobless. I felt I’m not done with the station yet, because I am not working for Tajudeen Adepetu, I’m working for the brand, Soundcity. I am happy I am back now and I plan to be there for a long time.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Nobody wants to know when you are going through a trying moment. Everybody wants to be around you and wants you at their event.

During your days at the University of Lagos, did you know you will get this far?

I knew, I just did not know how.

Where is your mum now?

She is in Dublin and I’ve not seen her since 2002. She is a wonderful and a strong woman even when my father was out of a job, she stood by us, and you know she is Indian.

So many things have been said about you; one of them is that you are a gay.

I love controversy; people can say whatever they want to say. When I was much younger I used to feel bad but now I don’t care. I am not gay and don’t care what people say. The only aspect I don’t like is the fact that some gay people call me thinking I’m for real. And they are big guys. At a time when I did not have a car, I had about 10 different offers from such men.

So, you’ve never been with a man?

Yes, and I’m serious. If you don’t believe me you can check my bum; it is still the way I was born.

When was the first time you had sex?

I think when I was in SSS 1. It was late, I was very young and had not fully matured. It was quick and short.

Where did you do it?

In my granny’s house and my mother caught me the second time.

You said you are a one-way traffic person, tell me about that.

Yes, I just concentrate on that person but once in a while we all experiment.

How often do you experiment?

It’s not often.

I learnt there was a time Cossy Orjiakor invited you to her house?

How did you hear that? She did but I did not make it down.


She is too much for me to handle. She has a lovely and sexy figure, eye popping and breath taking breasts, she is every man’s dream but I prefer my women slim, with long legs.

When will you get married?

I am not thinking of it, I am just 24; it is the last thing on my mind now.

Who would you like to sleep with that you have not?

I’m going to mention her name even though her boyfriend is my friend, Ify Yolanda Jones. I think she is sexy. And Isioma Oyebo who went in for Nokia Face of Africa. I always tell the two that if their boyfriends are tired of them they can come to me.

Do women offer you sex or you ask for it?

I don’t need to ask, it happens in a magical way for me. But the ones that ask I usually run away from. There is this one that says "you are using your ‘prick’ to do shakara for me abi" .



Wow, some of those answers were very...frank. Especially the ones on the gay rumors.

Anonymous said...

will he tell if hes a gay? but Im sure he is but anyhow, its his life and no man's business. I even like him.

Anonymous said...

i like denrele edun,and i think he is not a gay,i Just wish i can be his friend and see him everyday...

DUPE said...

Caught my eye during his recent interview with Moments with Mo and his flamboyant hairstyle and weired and naughty dress mode definitely tells me he's a one-off item..

Question mark on his sexual preferences is irrelevant..Gay men are one of the most successful in UK..He says he is not so I agree with him 100%.

Funnier than Basket Mouth and should spread his tentacles round the Globe starting from Europe...(UK) a fabulously funny character