Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tell Jim to hold my Legs

Kids sure do have a way of doing funny things as they grow up. My two and half year old son is simply cracking me up with his recent attitudes to taking drugs. Ever since infancy, he hates taking drugs, whether sweet or bitter. At a point, to make him see that drugs are sometimes so sweet, i happen to ask him to come and take his drugs, but ended up giving him honey, you wont believe it that he still ran away, despite the fact that i forced the honey into his mouth, his attitude shows that they are not sweet as he continue to throw out the remnant in his mouth. His dislike for taking drugs is simply alarming. His favourite however, is Bonababe while he was infants and recently; paracetamol tablets when dissolve in water.
That is not the real gist, that is just a preamble, the real issue that prompted the above topic was that, of recent, he was taken ill seriously, and there is the need that he just had to take his drugs, so we always have problem forcing him to take the drugs. One day, I told his mum that, there used to be a way kids of his age are forced to take drugs during our time. If you are yoruba, you will know what the term "Idagbale" means. Of course, it is away of forcing a kid to take liquids either food, herbs or syrups by laying him down across the lap, with the both hand tuck away, and someone holding his leg, you now have chance to put the liquids in your palm so that at the end he will have no option other than to swallow. Much as I hate this, we dont have alternative, because his ailments defy taking injections.
So on this occasion, it has now become ritual that we just have to force him to take those drugs in those ways. Kids. As time goes on, he is so accustomed to taking his drugs that way, that he himself will even request that he want to take his drugs. but when you encourage him to take it normally, he will refuse, but insist that he want to take his drugs. His Uncle staying with us, Jim, is always the one holding his legs. The funny aspect of it is that, the moment he indicate intention that he wants to take his drugs, he will follow the statement with, Mummy tell Jim to come and hold my leg, Where Uncle Jim is not around, he wont allow any other person to hold his leg, and so, he will not take his drugs. As if he is enjoying the way he is being forced to take the drug, he will then proceed to lie down across his mother's lap, and as soon as Jim hold his leg, he will start crying until he finish taking the drugs. After taking the drugs through this hard way, he will now come to me and report Jim to me, that he hold his leg. Kids!!! Arent they funny? Ever pause to ponder?

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hahahaha. reminds me of myself as a child. But I was terrified of injections then. I would scream that people would stop in the street and look into the clinic to see if the screaming child needed help! My mother was always embarrassed, I always walked away with sweet words from nurses and sometimes treats.

Ah, kids...

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