Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When you have to beg for Money

Have you ever been in a tight corner and you have to resort to begging for money? I dont mean, asking for money from those you know like friends and all, I mean real begging from someone you have not met before.
It happened to me last night, and I cant but ponder over it, whether I was the first to do such things, most especially when the amount involved was a paltry sum, and I mean a paltry sum.
Before you blow the trumpet and take the news to a Radio or a TV stations, let me quickly add that, I did it for my soon to be 3 years old son.
The scenario perhaps was the second, and the amount involved is always a paltry sum of 50. The first was 50k and I mean fifty kobo, while that of yesterday was just 50 Naira. The first was way back in the early 90s when I was stranded along the road, even though I have money in the office, but I do not have on me, so I ask a passer-by to assist me with the sum for transportation.
That of yesterday happened when I need to buy a toy gun for my son in a supermarket. Did I hear you say, I should have abandoned the purchase of the ordinary toy gun? Well, I cant because of the event of the previous day. We (myself, my wife and our son) go for shopping, he insisted he wanted a toy gun, but I have other idea of not wanting him to be playing with gun at his age. I thought he bought my objection, but by the time we enter the car back home, he registered his protest so much that, he kept on crying and angry at my seeming indifference to his plight. It took a lots of cajoling after about over an hour to calm him down. His eyes is red shot with his registered protest of cries. So I made a promise to buy him one the second day.
I don t have enough money on my wallet to buy the exact type he wanted, I am short of 50 naira only. So I ask a fine gentleman for a raise, telling him I just have to get home with the toy in my hand. He understands instantly, I guess he has them at home too.
So, Ever ponder for once when you have to resort to begging?

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