Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mexican Telenovela Second Chance and AIT Television

Apart from incessant break in transmission of this programme during UEFA Champions League matches, AIT for no given reasons had decided to start repeating past episodes of the telenovela. The worst thing about the whole thing is that, they hardly make any excuses, let alone offer any apology to the viewers.
This attitude of AIT is now unbecoming of an electronic media one was beginning to think will lead the revolution of representing the true image of Nigeria in International media community. This singular act by AIT, if they dont realise it, usually spoils a day for some family who from experience must make the 9.00pm time to catch the Soap. You can imagine the disappointment one usually gets on such occasions, especially when you had to sacrifice so many things to meet the time of the Soap transmission.
Now that AIT is now on Nigerian Stock Exchange as a public quoted company, they should at least be more public oriented in their TV programmes, such an unwarranted repetitions of episodes of Soap without due apology or due notice does not befit such a progressive media house like AIT. Chief Aleogho Dokpesi should do something. Haba!


joy ugwuh said...

i completely agree with you. it is so annoying. i watch the soap on satalite from my location and with the time difference i ve to stay awake till 12.30 am only for AIT to show something else or repeat almost becoming a tradition. i really wish the management will do something about it.

Anonymous said...

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