Friday, August 8, 2008

Who will fights against Corruption in Nigeria

Ever ponder why those who fight against corruptions in the past administration are in the bad book of the present administration? While those who sit on the fence about corruption had nothing to worry about? It simply means, Nigeria is not ready for war against corruption. If there is anyone out there who still doubt what will happen to those who fight corruption and good governance after they have left office, then the case of recent travails of Mallam El-Rufai and Mallam Nuhu Ribadu should be a yardstick on what is coming for them.
Whilst I dont need to go into full details of their travails as we are all aware of that, truth remains that those two were singled out for vendetta. El-Rufai was as at the time of writing this, being barred from holding public office again, while Ribadu was removed unceremoniously and subsequently demoted for daring to step on their "toes".
To further prove my point, Dr Charles Soludo is beginning to feel the power of those politicians too in his seat as the CBN Governors. It is just a matter of time before he also pay the price of having to deal with those "politicians" by withdrawing the licence of the banks of some of them. thereby stepping on "powerful toes". The heat is on.
Has anyone ponder why NAFDAC Director Chief Akunyili was not even a subject of their war of Vendetta, I guess because her own area of war she engaged in wasnt an area where politicians ventured into, or else, she herself must be feeling the heat by now.
I guess I may have to come up later with various ways of how to fight against corruption in Nigeria, now that we know what the "Politicians" will do to those who step on their "toes".

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