Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Pondering.....

Quite some time abi? Dont mind me, I am so engulfed with the sister blog and hardly have time to ponder over things happening around me.
Let me see if I can pause to ponder on past events. The first is the Obama as the president elect. I fo rone is not excited with him being a black man. I want a real black man in the mode of th eblack of Chris Rock, Beenie Man, I mean real black not half black or half white. But since half bread is better than none, I guess we will all have him as a black man.
As for the victory of Adams Oshiomhole, has anyone pause to ponder when how long it will take before we started hearing impeachment song? This is to be expected because his party does not enjoy majority in the state house of assembly.
How about the missing satellite in the space? I wonder and ponder how come the unthinkable always happen in Nigeria. It has come to further prove that nothing works in Nigeria. Had it not been the Satellite was located in the space, one would have been tempted to suggest it was tampered with by Nigerians or sabotaged by the other operator of satellite companies just to continue to enjoy the monopoly. By the way, how come none of the DTH in Nigeria has signify interest in the Nigcomsat even ebfore its dissappearance in the space. Or better still, may be they use Otmopo, Ogun, or Juju to destroy it right here in Nigeria. You dont want to believe me, have I not said it earlier on that nothing is impossible in Nigeria?
And how about the sack of FCT Minister? - I loved it, it is a good riddance for bad rubbish. Has anyone ever ponder again what legacy the man left behind during his tenure? None, other than the fact that he was all over El-Rufai his predecessor. Instead of him to embark on his own tenure with laudable programme to improve on that of his predecessor, he went ahead on vendetta which earn him his sack. He will be remember for his introduction of new traffic light that shows seconds of waiting time during traffic (awarded to his own company I bet), and of course the worse traffic jams Abuja has ever witnessed.
Enough for today, I guess am back to update this blog from time to time. Cheers.

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AlooFar said...

"I want a real black man in the mode of th eblack of Chris Rock, Beenie Man, I mean real black not half black or half white."

Exactly my sentiments.

Welcome back.